Adorama Rental Company Debuts ARC Cinema FlyLite

Adorama Rental Company Debuts ARC Cinema FlyLite

Portable, Multi-Camera Flypack Kit

ARC Cinema FlyLite

New York, NY—Adorama Rental Company (ARC) introduced an all-new rental solution for broadcast cinema: the ARC Cinema FlyLite, a lightweight, multi-camera flypack. ARC is  an equipment rental house for high-end digital cinematography based in New York City.

Powered by the new Silverback-VB, the ARC FlyLite is a customizable and modular solution. Moreover, it is capable of the performance required for broadcast cinema workflows. Whether it’s the main component of the camera build or a mobile add-on to an existing build, the ARC FlyLite can take center stage or play a complementary role in cinematic multi-camera productions.

“Conceived from real challenges on set, we saw an opportunity to provide a solution in the marketplace that did not exist before,” said Mike Nichols, vice president, Sales and Marketing, Adorama Rental Company.

“ARC’s FlyLite solution transforms how we think about live multi-camera workflows. It also bridges the gap between broadcast engineers and cinematographers, enabling them to shift seamlessly to cinema-style cameras while maintaining broadcast infrastructure.”

ARC Cinema FlyLite

The new kit caters to the industry’s shift toward leveraging digital cinema technologies for live performances and multi-camera shows. The ARC FlyLite provides a lightweight, portable cinema solution for traveling to show sites. Unlike traditional broadcast cinema kits, the ARC Flylite is easily shipped via standard methods and safely transported as commercial airline cargo.

In addition, the kit allows for integration with standard multi-camera necessities. These include LTC, tri-level sync, video distribution and communication, lens control as well as camera CCU. Thus, cinematographers and camera engineers can take control of the signal chain and maintain a consistent interconnection between trucks, studios and venue infrastructure.

Silverback-VB Control Side and Connector Side

Key to the ARC FlyLite is the Silverback-VB that maintains a compact size and mimics traditional broadcast workflow. What’s more, the Silverback-VB system uses a 1RU half rack width enclosure. This reduces rack space requirements as well as shipping costs for flypacks and rentals. Status LEDs on the front panel also provide peace of mind that signals are flowing.

Furthermore, the kit is scalable, in base configurations of four camera chains per rack. The fully loaded rack weighs around 70 pounds. It comes in a rugged case that can withstand typical FAA handling. Additionally, rear I/O panels open to double-check camera connections.

Finally, with the kit, users can shift to cinema-style cameras while maintaining broadcast infrastructure. While the Silverback-VB sends signals via fiber back to the control room, the FlyLite will also provide a setup that mirrors the traditional broadcast CCU.