Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2

Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2

Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder G2

Fremont, CA—Blackmagic Design introduced a new studio viewfinder model: the Blackmagic Ursa Viewfinder G2. It boasts a super-bright 2,000-nit display for use in bright sunlight.

Moreover, the Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2 is available at a new lower price of $1,495; a reduction of $300. As a result, it is now more affordable for customers to combine the Ursa Studio Viewfinder with the Ursa Broadcast G2 to turn it into a live production camera.

“Customers have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to transform their Ursa Broadcast into a live production camera for studio or outdoor live events; they have been asking for a brighter display particularly for use in bright sunlight,” said Grant Petty, Blackmagic Design’s CEO.

Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder G2

“We have worked very hard to build this studio viewfinder at a lower cost; we think even more people will take advantage of this price reduction to move into a more advanced and much higher quality live production workflow.”

Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2 Specs

The Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2 is based on a 7-inch display. It is also an option for tripod-mounted studio camera use. In addition, the adjustable studio viewfinder includes a large tally light and easy-access controls.

The G2 mounts using a standard V-lock mount. Users can mount it to the top of the camera body or the top of the SMPTE fiber converter, if one is installed on the camera.

Furthermore, it features a bright 2,000-nit display with grip handles that make it easy to position independently of the camera. The mount also allows the viewfinder to tilt up and down and rotate sideways. In addition, users can adjust the lock knobs to vary the amount of tension on the viewfinder adjustments. There’s also a removable metal sunshade for use in bright outdoor locations.

What’s more, the viewfinder has on-screen and separate physical controls for adjusting framing and focus features. The menu dial permits users to scroll through menus and change settings as needed. However, notable are the three knobs on the right side of the viewfinder; they give users smooth control of the LCD brightness and contrast, as well as the directly adjustable focus-peaking control. The focus-peaking control enables users to constantly adjust peaking to make focus easier at the zoom setting they are using.

Plus, there are three customizable function buttons users can program to control features; these include zebra, false color, focus peaking, luminance waveform as well as LUTs.

Tally Light

In addition, the back of the Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2 integrates a large tally light; it illuminates red for on-air, green for preview and orange for ISO recording. Moreover, as the director cuts between cameras on the ATEM switcher, tally information is sent back to the camera over SDI; the light is lit when the camera is on the air. Users only need to set the correct camera number in the Ursa Broadcast G2 menus.

Blackmagic URSA Studio Viewfinder G2 on-camera

Plus, the Viewfinder G2 includes clip-on number decals that insert into the tally light. As a result, each camera is clearly numbered, making it easier for presenters to see.

Moreover, the Blackmagic SDI control protocol takes advantage of blanking space in the SDI data stream to add talkback, tally and other camera control information direct to the camera via the program return feed. This also works with the viewfinder.

The Blackmagic control protocol is also an open standard and is documented in the Ursa Broadcast and ATEM switcher manual. Consequently, anyone can create custom solutions for Blackmagic cameras and switchers as well as Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinders.

The Blackmagic Ursa Studio Viewfinder G2 is available now for $1,495.