Canon Cinema EOS Firmware Updates Driven by User Feedback

Canon Cinema EOS Firmware Updates Driven by User Feedback


Melville, NY—Several Canon Cinema EOS firmware updates were announced. The updates involve the following cameras in the Cinema EOS lineup: the EOS R5 C, EOS C70, EOS C500 Mark II as well as the EOS C300 Mark III.

Putting customer needs first, Canon is rolling out these updates to help with autofocus, support for new cinema lenses, as well as improved operability

Canon Cinema EOS Firmware Updates
For the hybrid video and still photography content creator, the EOS R5 C camera firmware updates include improved AF performance when face-detection AF is enabled. Moreover, this update is available for the EOS C70 camera.
Canon cinema eos firmware updates-Canon-EOS-R5-w-dual-fisheye-lens-Kokomo
Canon EOS R5 with RF5.2mm f/2.8 L dual fisheye lens
The update adds the ability to select a face with an RF lens control ring or the camera’s control dial. Further, improved head detection allows the R5 C to detect a subject’s head, even when the subject is looking backwards. The AF frame also changes size based on the subject detected during tracking.

In addition, power save mode improvements extend recording time by approximately 30% in 4K/60p. Plus enhanced clear scan in the shutter mode menu reduces potential flicker during LED wall usage.

Furthermore, the update improves usage with Canon’s dual fisheye lens. It adds the ability to switch from left to right lens during VR recording when using magnify and enables 2x magnification when recording in 8K.

Another R5 C update reduces switching time between photo and video mode. It’s approximately 40% faster from photo to video and 70% faster from video to photo.

Other Firmware Upgrades

New firmware updates also expand the operational convenience of the EOS C70, EOS C500 Mark II and EOS C300 Mark III cameras. The EOS C70 camera will support added lenses, expanding to the Cine-Servo 15–120mm lens and the newly launched Flex Zoom 14–35mm.

Canon-C300-Mark-III-left-canon cinema eos firmware updates
Canon EOS C300 Mark III

Additionally, the EOS C500 Mark II/EOS C300 Mark III cameras will support the Flex Zoom 20–50mm lens.

What’s more, enhanced clear scan shutter mode will cut down potential flicker during LED wall usage. Also included was the ability to change the on-screen Wave Form monitor’s size (x2) and opacity by touch or through the camera’s menu.