Canon EOS C700 GS PL Flagship Cinema Camera

Canon EOS C700 GS PL Flagship Cinema Camera

New Flagship Model Built for Major 4K Cinema, Television and On-Demand Streaming Productions


Melville, NY—Canon USA announced the next step in the evolution of the Cinema EOS family of professional cinematography products with the addition of the EOS C700 GS PL cinema camera. The GS PL model will be available in July 2017.

As Canon’s flagship cinema camera, the EOS C700 now features the choice of two Super 35mm CMOS sensors. With three models soon to choose from, users can select the best tool for their shooting requirements. The EOS C700 is available in both EF and PL versions with pixel resolution up to 4.5K, a dynamic range of 15 stops and Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DAF) technology.

Canon EOS C700 GS PL

The PL-mount-only EOS C700 GS PL will feature 14 stops of dynamic range. It also boasts up to 4.2K resolution and Global Shutter technology. It will not offer Dual Pixel CMOS AF.

Global shutter technology is helpful for sports, fast action and events, eliminating “jello” and “flash band” artifacts. It enables the distortion-free capture of subjects moving at high speeds. The image on a global shutter sensor is captured simultaneously by every pixel on the sensor. Standard CMOS sensors capture the image by scanning the scene from top to bottom. Depending on the speed of the scan, the time delay between the scan of the first line and the last sometimes results in a “jello” effect where straight lines appear curved or wobble as the camera or subject moves. By capturing the entire image at once, these artifacts are removed.

Canon EOS C700

Canon’s new EOS C700 Super 35 format camera is designed to be a flexible “A” camera for various shooting scenarios. It provides both internal 4K ProRes (Apple) and XF-AVC recording.

Furthermore, Canon turned to its partner Codex to provide a fully integrated (no cables) recording and workflow option. The combination of the EOS C700 camera with the optional Codex CDX-36150 recorder enables high-speed 4.5K RAW recording at up to 100 frames per second, 4K RAW at up to 120 fps, 4K ProRes at up to 60 fps, 2K ProRes at up to 240 fps and XF-AVC at up to 60 fps.

The camera’s magnesium body has rounded edges and semicircular sides behind the lens mount that hint at the Canon Cinema design legacy. The EOS C700 can be handheld, shoulder mounted, and also placed on a tripod head, gimbal rig or rigged to a car mount.

Canon EOS C700

Other key features of the camera system include: an optional professional OLED HD viewfinder; Canon Log 2 and 3; slow and fast motion recording; ACES support; SMPTE 2084 HDR monitoring and display; 10 stops of internal ND filtration; and IP streaming.

In addition, because customers demand flexibility and the ability to respond to the changing needs of productions, the EOS C700 allows users to convert between EF mount and PL mounts, and between a standard CMOS image sensor and a global shutter CMOS image sensor at Canon service facilities.

The EF lens mount provides compatibility with more than 70 interchangeable Canon EF lenses as well as enables use of Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. The EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL allow use of industry-standard PL lenses. They also and support Cooke /i metadata communication technology.

Canon’s new EOS C700, EOS C700 PL and EOS C700 GS PL are also the first Cinema EOS cameras to support anamorphic shooting by utilizing a “de-squeeze” function for monitoring. This makes possible the creation of images with the 2.39:1 aspect ratio typical of cinema productions. Furthermore, enabling Full HD high-frame-rate recording at 240 fps, the camera permits smooth playback, even when slowed down.

Canon EOS 700 GS PL Availability

Canon’s EOS C700 and EOS C700 PL, $35,000 each, are currently available. The EOS C700 GS PL is expected to go on sale in July at a list price of $38,000.