Canon XA65, XA60, XA75, XA70 & Vixia HF G70 4K Camcorders

Canon XA65, XA60, XA75, XA70 & Vixia HF G70 4K Camcorders

Canon XA60

Melville, NY—Canon USA debuted four professional camcorders—the Canon XA65, XA60, XA75 and XA70—as well as the Vixia HF G70 prosumer camcorder. The camcorders are solutions for a range of uses, including documentary, corporate events and education. Additionally, Canon launched a firmware update for the XF605 camcorder.

The new camcorders are all capable of capturing 4K content as well as HD UVC streaming via USB-C with advanced autofocus and face detection. Moreover, all of them enable MP4 and On-Screen Display (OSD) recording. The four professional camcorders feature XF-AVC recording to support broadcast applications.

“With Canon’s lineup of compact camcorders, content creators can easily capture stunning 4K footage in multiple scenarios. Powered with the Digic DV6 image processor and leveraging the 1/2.3-inch type CMOS sensor and 1.0-inch type CMOS sensor, respectively, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 are capable of shooting 4K UHD and Full HD images using oversampling for superb HD quality, making them perfect for a wide range of shooting scenarios,” the company announced.

Canon XA65/XA60, XA75/XA70 Key Specs

Achieving a 35mm-equivalent focal length, the XA65/XA60 have a 20x optical zoom and the XA75/XA70 a 15x zoom. All professional models also support 40x digital zoom, which extends to 800x in the XA65/XA60 and 600x in the XA75/XA70.

In addition, these four models offer improved operability with a new, larger 3.5-inch touch panel LCD monitor and high-resolution ocular EVF (electronic viewfinder).

Further, the camcorders’ AF systems help content creators lock onto subjects and more easily follow the action. Incorporating Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, the XA75/XA70 models are capable of fast, accurate focusing. This couples with the Dual Pixel focus guide to help make manually focusing on a subject easier.

Canon-XA65-left-lcd-Canon XA65 XA60 XA75
Canon XA65

Conversely, the XA65/XA60 models employ an advanced hybrid AF system for focusing even in low light.

What’s more, they all provide adjustable focusing speeds for either fast or smooth AF. Operators can control this function via the 3.5-inch LCD display, enabling them to set the focus by touching a single AF point. For accuracy and convenience, especially in busy environments where operators need to keep a subject in shot, face-detection AF and face tracking are also available.

All four also feature manual focus, which operators can set either by the focus/zoom ring or the control ring on the lens of the XA75/XA70. In addition, they all integrate 5-axis image stabilization for steady footage.

Recording Formats

Featuring flexible recording options, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 can fit into multiple professional workflows. Specialist recording options include slow and fast motion; on-screen display recording, which embeds the date/time into the video image; as well as an infrared mode to capture footage in the dark. 

Canon XA75

They will also integrate into a multi-camera setup, thanks to the custom picture menu. Consequently, users can color match footage with other Canon cameras. For professional sound capture, the XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 have two XLR audio inputs and 4-channel linear PCM to set the recording level and input sensitivity.

New to the XA and Vixia series of camcorders, OSD recording embeds date, time, timecode and other data into the original camera files. It effectively timestamps the information into each frame of video, a requirement for legal and law enforcement videographers.

Connectivity Options

Canon’s XA65/XA60 and XA75/XA70 can stream HD video in UVC via USB-C through a compatible PC—for both in-person and virtual services. All models also feature HDMI output and simultaneous backup and relay recording via dual SD cards. Moreover, the XA65 and XA75 have an additional 3G-SDI output.

Canon-XA70_side-handle-Canon XA65 XA60 XA75
Canon XA70

Canon will release the XA75 and XA70 professional camcorders in November 2022. They will have an estimated retail price of $2,999 and $2,499, respectively.

The Canon XA65 and XA60 professional camcorders are both scheduled to be available in October. They have estimated retail prices of $2,299 and $1,799, respectively.

Canon Vixia HF G70

For aspiring filmmakers and documentarians, the Vixia HF G70 is a multifunctional camcorder with professional capabilities in an easy-to-use form factor. Utilizing a 1/2.3-inch type CMOS sensor and 20x zoom lens, the camcorder captures 4K UHD video in MP4 and oversampled HD footage.

HDMI and USB-C output also enable users to turn the Vixia HF G70 into a webcam for video calls and streaming content online. Additional scene modes are also available, including night mode, on-screen display (OSD) recording and audio scene mode. The latter adds sound recording that is tuned to the shooting environment.

Canon-Vixia-HF-G70_left-Canon XA65 XA60 XA75
Canon Vixia HF G70

With USB Video Class (UVC) support, the HF G70 uses a hybrid AF system. The Canon Vixia HF G70 prosumer camcorder will reach retail in October with an estimated retail price of $1,249.

XF605 Firmware Update

Canon also announced a firmware update for the XF605 camcorder—a professional broadcast camera for solo shooters. The update is in response to feedback and requests from users. The firmware v1.0.1.1 offers greater efficiency for broadcasters and more versatile shooting options for content creators.

To meet the growing demand for remote and live production, this latest firmware update adds Canon’s XC protocol. Consequently, it enables the XF605 to work alongside other compatible Canon products within a multi-camera system. Combining the performance of the camera with advanced network technologies, broadcasters can integrate the XF605 into their setup and control the ISO, aperture, custom picture, as well as AF of all cameras from a single point.

The v1.0.1.1 firmware also introduces a 4K Intra 60p/50p recording option along with XF-AVC Intra 410Mbps. Thus, it creates a lightweight, high-quality codec that helps to minimize storage costs.

Furthermore, utilizing Canon’s Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the update adds the benefits of  face- and eye-detection AF and tracking in both fast and slow-motion shooting. For more options, the firmware adds support for vertical shooting. For operation in vertical shooting mode, the monitor and on-screen menu change orientation.

In addition, the v1.0.1.1 firmware gives operators the ability to monitor all four audio channels in the on-screen meter display. They can now select assignable button 11 as the record button—ideal for those shooting on a tripod or in a vertical orientation. Also added is a feature that retains the selected shooting mode while switching from standard to slow and fast shooting.

 The Canon XF605 firmware update v1.0.1.1 is currently available for download.