Sony Renews Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Contest

Sony Renews Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Contest

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San Diego, CA—Contest applications are now open for the second Sony Alpha Female creator-in-residence program. Launched in summer 2018, Alpha Female is a program that provides extensive resources and opportunities to advance the careers of female photographers and filmmakers.

This year, Sony is renewing the initiative and remaining committed to promoting diversity as well as fostering the growth of all voices in the photography, videography and filmmaking industries.

In the successful inaugural year of the Alpha Female program, five women received creator-in-residence status. And that was from more than 6,000 contest applications to participate in the program. Each one received a prize package that included financial support for personal projects; an assortment of Sony camera gear; and also a mentorship with one of Sony’s female Artisans of Imagery. Sony-a-banner creator-in-residenceThis year’s Alpha Female contest will recognize six award winners: four in the category of Photography and Videography; two in the category of Filmmaking/Cinematography. In addition to project funding and Sony gear, each winner will receive educational opportunities and invitations to specially organized networking events.

“Alpha Female is a way for us to bring talented female creators out of the shadows and into the foreground in an industry where they are too commonly underrepresented,” said Neal Manowitz, deputy president of Imaging Products and Solutions at Sony Electronics. “We are continually inspired by their work and are proud to offer our support.”

Sony Alpha Female Creator-in-Residence Prizes

Winners of the Sony Alpha Female award program will receive $21,000 and up to $5,000 in Sony equipment. This will help them fulfill their creative projects. In addition, they will have access to additional loaner equipment to help bring their artistic vision to life.

Each winner also will pair with a successful Alpha Female Artisan photographer or filmmaker; these are women who have all been paving the way for the next generation of women creators. These mentors will impart wisdom and professional knowledge, helping winners to elevate their craft and career to new heights. Sony selects mentors according to each winner’s needs and creative style.

The Alpha Female mentors are among the most talented photographers and filmmakers in the industry. Supporting mentors include Amber Baird, Brooke Shaden, Caroline Jensen, Cristina Mittermeier, Jean Fruth, Katrin Eismann, Marvi Lacar and Me Ra Koh. Nancy Borowick, Sara France, Taylor Rees as well as Zabrina Deng join them.

Contest applications as well as official rules for the Alpha Female creator-in-residence program are available at