Sony Visual Story App Updates for Event Photographers

Sony Visual Story App Updates for Event Photographers


San Diego, CA—Sony Electronics released updates to the Sony Visual Story app. The mobile application for professional event photographers simplifies the process of delivering photos to clients immediately after an event. It does so via automatic gallery creation; AI (artificial intelligence) image selection; as well as web delivery for Visual Story account members.

Sony Visual Story app live gallery

The new application version 1.1 for Visual Story offers expanded support. Moreover, its new “live gallery” feature makes remote viewing and participation more accessible.

Sony Visual Story App Updates

Visual Story version 1.1’s new live gallery feature allows professional event photographers to meet the growing demand for remote participation during actual events. It enables the photographer’s clients to share photo galleries with friends, family and colleagues. As a result, they can view photos of their event, such as a wedding, corporate, school or sporting event, in real time. The result is a more immersive experience.

Sony Visual Story app live gallery

Live gallery also helps simplify a professional workflow by allowing auto transfer when shooting with a compatible Sony Alpha camera. In addition, it uses automated image selection using AI. It also applies edit presets to all images within a live gallery at the same time. Furthermore, live gallery viewers can “like” specific photos. Subsequently, photographers can use those photos when choosing final image selections to deliver to their clients.

More Selection Options

What’s more, the newly updated Visual Story app now includes an object detection filter. The filter allows users to easily locate images focusing on specific items, such as a cake, tableware or jewelry. The photographer can also choose images that are only included in a live gallery or those with likes. Sony-Visual-Real-time-Upload-and-Viewing

Visual Story version 1.1 is available now for iOS in the App Store for free. It is compatible with select Sony cameras; they include the Alpha 7C, Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 7S III, Alpha 9, Alpha 9 II as well as Alpha 7 III (updated to firmware version 4.0 or later), Alpha 1 and FX3i.