X-Rite Releases Third-Generation i1Photo Pro 3 Color Management Tool for Pros

X-Rite Releases Third-Generation i1Photo Pro 3 Color Management Tool for Pros


Las Vegas, NV—A provider of color science technology, X-Rite introduced the third-generation of its i1Pro solutions for photographic and imaging professionals who print. The redesigned i1Photo Pro 3 spectrophotometer is more accurate and reliable; it is also two times faster than its predecessor.

The Pro 3 is for imaging professionals who require accurate color across their complete capture through display and print workflow; this includes scanners and projectors. Moreover, photographers can use the upgraded tool to better track and verify monitor and print quality. They can also capture spot color measurements.

“For more than 10 years, the i1Pro family has been the go-to solution for the most demanding photographers who require accurate color profiling,” said Liz Quinlisk, manager, Global Photo and Video Business Unit, X-Rite. “The third-generation i1Pro takes color management to the next level by notably improving on device speed and accuracy, as well as supporting high-brightness displays. With the i1Pro 3, photographers can quickly and easily ensure color accuracy from capture through print for repeatable and predictive color results.”

i1Photo Pro 3 Highlights
X-Rite i1Photo Pro 3 Spectrophotometer

The upgraded tool offers a custom, full-spectrum LED light source; it allows for single-pass scanning and improves device reliability as well as accuracy. The device measures M0, M1 and M2 simultaneously in a single pass while accounting for optical brighteners. As a result, photographers can predict how colors printed on optically brightened photo papers will look under different lighting conditions.

In addition, the Pro 3 reads smaller patch sizes (6mm x 6mm) twice as fast as the i1Pro 2 with improved accuracy. What’s more, it achieves correct calibration on ultra-bright displays (up to 5K NITs). It also matches up to four displays connected to a single computer as well as unlimited displays connected to different computers.

Another feature is optimized automated file creation with the option to include the new i1iO automated scanning table for the Pro 3. Adding hands-free test chart reading can save operators time and materials during production.

Other Pro 3 Plus Solutions

In addition to i1Photo Pro 3 Plus, X-Rite is shipping these new i1Pro 3 Plus solutions:

  • i1Basic Pro 3 Plus, which includes monitor calibration and quality control for monitors and printers.
  • i1Publish Pro 3 Plus, with a CMYK+ printer module and all the features of i1Photo Pro 3 Plus.

Moreover, i1Photo Pro 3 Plus provides advanced capabilities to support more challenging profile substrates. They include textured and glossy photo media. Substrates also include ceramics, textiles, glass, metal, wood, vinyl, plastics, thin films and cardboard.

Additionally, all models of the Pro 3 come with the latest version of i1Profiler, a professional color profiling software. The i1Photo Pro 3 retails for $1,799.