Zenfolio and Format Support Photography & Creative Arts Students

Zenfolio and Format Support Photography & Creative Arts Students


Menlo Park, CA—To support students and educators, Zenfolio and Format expanded a popular program, giving away more than $1 million worth of subscriptions to support students and educators. Format is a website as well as business resource provider for photographers, artists and creative professionals.

Zenfolio began the initiative in 2021 to build the future of the photography industry by empowering students with business resources. Now, Zenfolio and Format are broadening the program. They are extending it to include fine arts, design and architecture students as well as educators.

“The best way to encourage a photography or creative arts student to become a professional is to help them launch their career with pro-level resources,” said John Loughlin, Zenfolio CEO. zenfolio-website-templates-Format

“Last year, we offered $1 million of subscriptions to one of our most popular service plans to help build the future of photography. Now we are pleased to extend the gift to students of fine arts, design and architecture on the Format platform.”

Zenfolio and Format Partnership

Moreover, students and educators who take advantage of the offer from Zenfolio and Format will have access to resources to build their own professional-level website. They can do so using the latest design templates. They can also launch custom portfolios, build projects or client galleries and have access to tutorials and support.

“These services will give students a head start in their career and build a business foundation that can grow with them as their vocation grows,” added Loughlin.

Photography students and educators can get a free one-year subscription to the Zenfolio Portfolio plan here.

“The style, simplicity and amazing support structure Zenfolio offers is what has drawn me to this software. I am a recent convert to Zenfolio and am already loving the results. As a photographer wanting to show people my style and offerings, Zenfolio provides the perfect platform. And it’s so simple to produce my site,” commented photographer Joe Fontenot. Zenfolio-and-Format-Student-Program

 In addition, now that the gift program is expanding, creative arts, design and architecture students and educators can sign up for a one-year Format plan here

“I’ve used Format for almost five years to grow my creative practice. Their easy-to-use website creation platform has supported my transition from student to professional. I can easily upload projects to my site hassle free!” said Nathan Ward, a paper artist and designer. “I love the customization options available. They enable me to communicate my brand and offerings to clients as well as keep things consistent across print and digital.”

 After combining forces in late 2021, Zenfolio and Format serve creative professionals across a wide variety of disciplines. It is their hope that the $1 million gift subscription program will encourage and cultivate the next generation of photographers, artists, designers and architects.


Format is a portfolio web-builder for creative professionals. As a web platform, Format is integrated with the design, marketing and studio management tools required to support a creative business. What’s more, the company’s templates and tools help streamline the process of building and maintaining a visual portfolio. The platform also provides tools for customization. Format was acquired by Zenfolio in 2021.


Zenfolio Inc. offers advanced business solutions to enable photographers to show, share and sell images. For almost two decades, it has served photographers around the globe. Zenfolio-and-Format-Photobooker-Logo

 Zenfolio’s other brands and services include PhotoRefine.ai, AI technology that takes the work out of grouping, rating and culling images. And PhotoBooker.com is a resource to find and book local photographers. Moreover,  Prints Marketplace is an online gallery that sells museum grade prints from artists and photographers.