ALLie Camera Adds ALLie Go Battery Pack

ALLie Camera Adds ALLie Go Battery Pack


Miami, FL—ALLie Camera is now offering users of its 360º always-on video camera more flexibility for where they capture special moments with the launch of its ALLie Go battery pack.

“We are listening to our ALLie community and their desire to have even more flexibility with how they take quality 360º video and share it with family and friends.  We are excited to offer our users richer, more valuable 360º experiences anywhere,” said Dmitry Kozko, president of ALLie.

ALLie Go on camera

The ALLie camera is a 360º, everyday-use video camera. Now, with the launch of ALLie Go, ALLie camera users can attach the lightweight battery base to the camera and take 360º video and live stream it to YouTube from anywhere.

The battery pack allows for two hours of recording time. It also comes with a tripod mount for hands-free recording and live streaming. It enables users to capture 4K video at home, while traveling, at any special event or just on the go.

The ALLie camera pairs with the ALLie companion app. The app allows users to swipe, pan or zoom on their smartphone or tablet with control over what they view. It also gives them the option to view in virtual reality (VR) mode for a more immersive experience.

New Applications with ALLie Go

The camera is designed for those who want to keep an eye on what’s happening at home 24/7. Now, ALLie can record anywhere in the home or at places where AC outlets are not available.

ALLie Go

Because of its one-click live streaming capabilities, it’s also marketed to vloggers, sports arenas and music venues. They can use ALLie to allow their viewers to feel like they’re there when they’re not.

The ALLie Go removable battery pack is available for $59.95 and is compatible with all current and past ALLie camera models.