Humaneyes Technologies Shows Vuze+ VR Camera

Humaneyes Technologies Shows Vuze+ VR Camera

High-end Vuze+ launches with Humaneyes Zone—an open platform for hosting, streaming and sharing VR stories.


Las Vegas, NV—Humaneyes Technologies introduced its next-generation VR, 3D 360º camera at CES 2018. The Vuze+ VR camera is targeted at prosumers. Humaneyes announced it “is the first camera to give VR content creators, filmmakers and video and production industry pros the full suite of tools needed for capturing, producing and sharing VR content, all within one eco-system.”

The Vuze+ offers such capture functionality as live broadcasting as well as custom lenses for improved image quality. In addition, it is bundled with Vuze VR Studio editing software, as well as access to Humaneyes Zone. The VR platform was created so Vuze users can host, stream and share VR content via a simple hyperlink.

Humaneyes Technologies Vuze+

“The VR camera market has steadily grown. But only few camera options allow users to shoot in true VR with 3D video. Additionally, once a video is shot and produced, many users don’t have a way to easily share their VR stories. Thisprosumers, VR c has been the key missing component in helping drive VR adoption,” said Humaneyes Technologies’ CEO, Shahar Bin-Nun. “The Vuze+ VR camera addresses this issue and expands the VR ecosystem from true VR capture to production to consumption, allowing anyone to create and share truly immersive VR experiences.”

Vuze+ VR Camera Features

Allowing users to live preview a scene while they are shooting video, the new camera can also broadcast live 3D 360º video in 4K to Facebook, YouTube, Periscope and any RTMP platform. Live broadcasting capabilities can also be added to the original Vuze VR camera for $199. The capabilities are available now on PC, with Mac availability coming later this year.

Moreover, enhanced capture features include upgraded optics with custom lenses and improved audio with spatial audio output. Plus, the Vuze+ has IP65 capabilities, with higher water and dust protection, enabling users to shoot in heavier rain or while participating in watersports. Humaneyes also employed a sturdier body and an improved user interface.

Humaneyes Vuze+

In addition, new software features (Android) available for both the Vuze+ and original Vuze VR cameras include upgrades to the Vuze Camera app. It now enables full manual control and live preview. It also offers an additional capture mode with 60-fps recording for 2D 360º videos, new exposure settings and photo stitching from within the app. Users can also now share a VR photo from the app directly to social networks.

In addition, for production, the Vuze VR Studio software offers horizon stabilization, enhanced editing capabilities and more output formats. Five licenses are included with each camera.

Moreover, new sharing features include the just-announced Humaneyes Zone, a VR publishing and sharing platform based on VR website technology. The open platform was developed to take VR storytelling to the next level, providing an end-to-end solution for prosumers.

Vuze+ at CES

The Vuze+ VR camera and the new enhancements announced today are available for demo at CES. The Humaneyes Technologies booth is located in LVCC South Hall 1, booth #21018.

In addition, visitors can sit back and enjoy the Vuze Theatre. The lounge environment features ongoing screening of short VR films focused on storytelling. Or they can walk through the Vuze Experience Zone. This open environment takes each visitor through the entire Vuze journey of content creation, production and sharing. Visitors to the Humaneyes booth can also hear from experts throughout the day on how to make money in VR with real use cases presented.

The Vuze+ VR camera will have a suggested retail price of $1,199.