IC Real Tech Launches 360º ALLie Camera for Everyday Use

IC Real Tech Launches 360º ALLie Camera for Everyday Use

Photography and video industry veteran is appointed vice president of sales and marketing for IC Real Tech’s ALLie Camera subsidiary.


Miami, FL—At NAB in Las Vegas, IC Real Tech officially launched its ALLie camera, a 360º camera for everyday use. The camera provides 24/7 viewing, recording, live streaming, still-capture, social sharing and virtual reality (VR) viewing capabilities.

The ALLie camera was developed to ensure consumers never miss any of life’s precious moments. Users plug in the device, connect it to a Wi-Fi network, open the ALLie app (iOS/Android) and swipe, zoom and pan on their phone or tablet to see what’s going on at home even when they’re not there. Unlike cameras or home monitors that pan back and forth or up and down, ALLie was designed with dual fisheye lenses to give users a full picture with no blind spots. They can also view footage with the included VR headset for a more immersive experience.

360º ALLie Camera

Among the touted applications of ALLie is the ability to live stream events like graduations and weddings. Remote family and friends can then feel like they are at the event and even talk via the two-way microphone.

The ALLie camera is also being marketed as an ideal solution for video bloggers, sports arenas, music venues and others who want to give their fans or viewers more freedom over how they see an event. Video bloggers can stream commentary and events to their followers in 360º so they feel like they are there. For pet owners, they can see what their dog or cat is getting into at home or the kennel.

The ALLie camera comes in black or white models.

“In this age of always-on connectivity, everyone wants 24/7 access to what’s important to them. Whether it’s that birthday party you can’t bear to miss or a baby’s first steps that you want to capture forever,” said Dmitry Kozko, president of ALLie. “We worked hard to make the new ALLie camera ideal for everyday use to fit any event or life milestone. And, the ability to capture a full, 360º view and completely control the way you see any special moment makes ALLie the most immersive way to make sure you never miss a thing.”

ALLie VR Headset

The ALLie camera provides 4K resolution achieved by two 8 megapixel sensors; it currently supports 2,048×2,048-pixel output. It also features: 10 built-in infrared LEDs for viewing when the room is dark; cloud recording and storage; two-way audio; and live and recorded VR mode with an included VR headset. It doesn’t require batteries and automatically updates software and features. The camera can be mounted on walls or ceilings and can stand on any surface.

ALLie Camera Integrates with YouTube for 360º Live Streaming

IC Real Tech also announced the integration of the ALLie camera with YouTube. As a result, users can live stream 360º video on YouTube. This is to position ALLie as a platform for video bloggers, sports arenas and music venues.

“We are excited to work with YouTube as they take immersive video even further with 360º live streaming,” added Kozko. “Now that the demand for real-time, 24/7 content has reached its peak, our ALLie camera aligns perfectly with YouTube to give users the ultimate 360º live streaming experience. ALLie is always on so that users don’t miss a thing. And now they can more easily share experiences with friends, family and fans on YouTube.”

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Named

Mark Sherengo

In addition, IC Real Tech revealed that longtime industry veteran Mark Sherengo was named vice president of sales and marketing. Sherengo will lead sales and marketing for ALLie along will the company’s distribution and business development initiatives to drive its leadership in the 360º technology space.

Sherengo comes to ALLie with more than 20 years of executive experience with leading global photography and video companies, including Ricoh, Pentax and Fujifilm. At Ricoh Imaging, he was director of sales and helped the company introduce the 360º Theta camera into market. Prior to Ricoh, he spent a combined 15 years as director of sales and marketing for Pentax and Fujifilm. Before that, he was a professional photographer and helped run the photo lab business for the NFL.

“In my experience as a professional photographer and working for decades across the photography and video hardware spaces, the one theme that’s always resurfaced for both consumers and professionals has been the need to be ready to capture memories at any moment. ALLie camera wins the innovation race when it comes to taking the 360º camera and making it an always on, everyday-use camera. Users never have to worry about missing a single thing,” said Sherengo.

The ALLie camera is now available in white or black versions for $499. It comes with one year of 24-hour free cloud storage. allie.camera