Insta360 ONE RS Interchangeable-Lens Action Camera

Insta360 ONE RS Interchangeable-Lens Action Camera


Irvine, CA—The Insta360 ONE RS is a new interchangeable-lens action camera that offers creators all-in-one versatility. Using a three-part design—one battery, one processor and three quick-swapping lenses—the ONE RS transforms from a traditional action cam to a 360º-capable camera.

Moreover, it not only doubles as a 360º livestreaming camera using the Insta360 app, it also acts as a webcam when connected to a computer. 

As a modular system, the new 4K “boost” lens and Core are both cross-compatible with the preceding ONE R generation. This allows content creators to upgrade their camera at their own pace.

The previous 5.7K 360 lens unlocks creative possibilities with its “invisible selfie stick” effect and 360 reframing. Furthermore, the 5.3K 1-inch wide-angle lens co-engineered with Leica continues to offer high image quality thanks to its 1-inch sensor.

Insta360 ONE RS Key Features

Housed inside an IPX8-rated body that’s waterproof to 16 feet is a ½-inch 48-megapixel sensor. It works with the new high-performance 4K boost lens to capture wide-angle videos and photos. In addition, a more powerful Core offers better in-camera stabilization and crisper audio. 

Insta360 ONE RS

Insta360 says the new 4K boost lens, which zeros in on details, “is the go-to choice for athletes, adventurers and creators to capture vibrant and detailed action shots.” It shoots sharp 4K 60-frames-per-sec videos as well as 48MP stills. Two new modes are also available on the 4K boost lens.

The first mode, active HDR, is specifically for action sports. Active HDR keeps the video stabilized as shooters move, minimizing ghosting and revealing details in the highlights and shadows.

The second new mode is 6K widescreen mode. It takes full advantage of the 48MP sensor and outputs ultrahigh-res 6K footage with a classic 2.35:1 ratio for a cinematic widescreen look. 

What’s more, because of the camera’s interchangeable-lens design, users can swap the 4K boost lens for 360º shots. Whether motorcycling or skiing, users can just hit record and let the camera capture everything in 5.7K 360º. Later, they can choose a favorite angle (or multiple angles) and export it as a flat video for sharing like any other video.

The 360 lens also enables creators to capture third-person views of themselves as they’re in the moment. Thanks to the camera’s dual-lens design, the selfie stick is automatically stitched out of the final footage, resulting in video-game-like angles. 

New Built-in Image Stabilization

In addition, with the new ONE RS Core, Insta360’s proprietary FlowState Stabilization is now delivered through the camera hardware for smoother videos. With enhanced stabilization applied in camera, creators can instantly share smooth wide-angle content to social media without processing it in the Insta360 app.

Insta360 ONE RS

Further, 360 horizon leveling also ensures video stays level, no matter how much the camera is rotated during the action. When users toggle a switch in the Insta360 app or desktop software with footage shot on any of the three lenses, they can see the footage level out. 

Other upgrades include an additional mic; 50% faster Wi-Fi; an instant zoom function for digitally zooming in up to 2.7x while recording; as well as a quick menu for faster access to preset shooting modes.

The company also redesigned the mounting bracket, adding a quick release mechanism for switching lenses on the fly; a windproof mic cover; and a heat-dissipating panel to keep the camera cool while recording.

Insta360 ONE RS Mounting Bracket
Easier Editing

Moreover, with the quick reader accessory, there’s no need to transfer files over Wi-Fi. Users can plug the reader into the ONE RS to save files to the SD card and then plug it into a phone for editing. This saves both battery life and internal storage space.

Editing shots is also easier with the Insta360 app’s AI-powered editing suite. For 360º footage, users can more easily find the best angle with the snap wizard function. They can move a phone or swipe the screen to change the angle of the camera and export the desired footage.

Plus, for cloning or stop motion effects, the shot lab function constantly updates with new AI editing effects. Another new effect is cinelapse; it adds cinematic transitions between clips to create a hyperlapse. 

Finally, for wide-angle footage, FlashCut uses AI to find the best moments in a clip and edit them together on beat to music. Users also can choose from several different editing themes, from action highlight reels to travel vlogs. 

Insta360 ONE RS Quick Reader

In addition, for creators who prefer editing on desktop, the free Insta360 Studio software is available for Mac and Windows. It’s also comes as free plug-ins for Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. 

The Think Bold Fund

Furthermore, to celebrate the release of ONE RS, Insta360 is opening the first round of submissions to the Think Bold Fund. The company will award selected creators with financing, equipment as well as production support to make their video ideas reality.

Aspiring and professional creators, athletes as well as brands are encouraged to apply. To do so, they can e-mail their proposals to The first submission round will close on April 22.  

The Insta360 ONE RS interchangeable-lens action camera is available for preorder. As a modular system, there are several purchasing options. The Twin edition includes the 4K boost lens and the 360 lens; it has a suggested retail price of $549.99.

For users looking to upgrade their wide-angle action cam setup, the 4K edition retails for $299.99. The 1-inch edition sells for $549.99. In addition, the Expert version starts at $764.99, while the Trio edition starts at $847.98.