2019 ProMaster Photo Gloves Ship in Two Styles

2019 ProMaster Photo Gloves Ship in Two Styles


Fairfield, CT—The 2019 collection of ProMaster Photo Gloves is now shipping to retailers. ProMaster is a provider of accessories for both still photography and videography.

ProMaster offers its photography gloves in two styles. Knit Photo Gloves are for cool ProMaster-Photo-Gloves_lifestyleweather use. They feature a soft, flexible feel suitable for outdoor fall photography. The knit gloves retail for $29.95.

In addition, the company’s 4-layer Photo Gloves are wind and water resistant. With thicker insulation, these gloves keep hands warm when taking photos in very cold, snowy weather. The 4-layer gloves sell for $39.95. Both styles are available in six sizes (XS to XXL).

4-Layer ProMaster Photo Gloves
ProMaster Photo Gloves: Features

Both styles of Photo Gloves have a nonslip coating on the palm and the finger. The coating facilitates a secure grip of the camera. Moreover, the tip of the index finger features a special, touch-screen-friendly material. This enables photographers to operate the touch screen on their cameras or phones while keeping their hands warm.

In addition, for a more tactile experience, the thumb and index fingertips fold back—and are held out of the way by integrated magnets. This feature allows for more precise control of camera controls.

“Cold weather shouldn’t stop you from taking photos. In fact, some of the most captivating images come about in the winter months,” said Mike C. Northrup, ProMaster’s director of Sales. “ProMaster Photo Gloves help keep photographers warm, so they don’t miss a single shot.”

Knit ProMaster Photo Gloves

Furthermore, these gloves are the latest entry in ProMaster’s collection of cold weather photography gear. Their XC-M tripod collection is cold-weather rated to operate in temperatures as low as 4°F. In addition, the GH30C professional carbon fiber gimbal head ($349.95) is cold-weather rated to operate in temperatures as low as -13°F.


For more than 59 years, ProMaster has sold products exclusively through independently owned stores. The brand is committed to supporting the efforts of locally owned businesses. ProMaster products are available in the U.S., Canada and Australia.