Alien Skin Releases Exposure 5 Photo Effects Software

Alien Skin Releases Exposure 5 Photo Effects Software


Raleigh, NC—Alien Skin Software released Exposure 5, the new version of its flagship photography effects software. Exposure 5 is designed to enable digital photographers to achieve accurate film simulation, using a range of creative effects in a simpler interface. The software can be used as a plug-in with popular host software or as a stand-alone program.

Exposure 5 brings the creative tools of traditional film photography to the world of digital, such as the look of discontinued films, darkroom tricks and trendy lo-fi camera quirks. Popular classic films like Kodachrome, Polaroid and Panatomic-X are simulated, and hundreds of preset effects can be applied with a mouse-click. The program also includes both color and black-and-white processing, so there’s no need to switch between tools.

“With Exposure 5, a photographer’s vision is the only element separating an ordinary image from an extraordinary one. Creative control and increased productivity were essential design objectives,” said Terence Tay, designer of the Exposure 5 software. “It’s now much easier and faster for photographers of all levels to find the right look for their photographs.”

The user interface was redesigned with productivity in mind, added Tay, with a darker theme to reduce distractions around the photo. The preset and editing panels can be hidden, to further remove distractions and allow more room for the photograph. The new visual preset browser shows how each preset will look when applied to an image. Users can see many presets at once, for quick exploration. In addition, favorites and recently used presets are a click away.

Also include are new textures for a greater variety of vintage and lo-fi looks. And, there are now separate controls for adding borders, dust & scratches, and light leaks, while a new randomize option lets users explore multiple variations on a particular look.

Exposure 5 integrates with the tools many photographers use in their professional workflow, including: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom and Apple Aperture. It can also be launched as a stand-alone application, which is useful for fast batch processing or as part of a workflow that includes tools that do not support plug-ins.

Alien Skin Software’s Exposure 5 is available for $199. Owners of any version of Exposure may upgrade for $99. Free upgrades will be automatically sent to everyone who purchased Exposure 4 from Alien Skin Software in March 2013 or later.