ArcSoft Portrait+ Software: Auto Retouch Your Portraits and Save Time with Batch...

ArcSoft Portrait+ Software: Auto Retouch Your Portraits and Save Time with Batch Support


Fremont, CA—New portrait software from ArcSoft is designed to make it easy for photo professionals to enhance dozens of photos with a single click, to increase potential consumer sales and reduce staff reliance on complicated retouching applications. ArcSoft’s Portrait+ uses batch processing to help photo labs and studios make every single person in photos looks great, both quickly and easily.

With a single click, Portrait+ can transform several portraits in moments, using preset templates to smooth skin, enhance eyes and more. Portrait+ harnesses facial imaging technologies to generate finely tuned results when adjusting key facial points around the eyes, eyebrows, nose and mouth. Since Portrait+ includes precise face outline detection technologies, the software can accurately detect up to 20 faces in each photo.

With a very low learning curve, Portrait+ for Windows PCs features: the ability to retouch an entire set of photos with batch processing; 20 preset template styles; makeup and feature enhancing tools; and the capability to automatically predefine more than 24 facial points for quick adjustment.

“Portrait+ puts simple yet powerful tools at your fingertips,” said Todd Peters, ArcSoft SVP Consumer and Commercial Business. “Anyone in your lab or studio can quickly learn how to use it and start generating more photo portrait options for your customers.”