ArcSoft Releases Photo+ Viewing and Editing Software for Mac

ArcSoft Releases Photo+ Viewing and Editing Software for Mac


Fremont, CA—ArcSoft released Photo+, a new photo viewer designed to offer “an unparalleled viewing and manipulating experience.” Unlike programs that require users to import photos directly into the software, Photo+ pulls directly from any folder or drive.

By dragging or selecting a single image, Photo+ automatically displays every image from the same folder without users having to constantly close and click. By analyzing and correcting user frustrations with the built-in tools and the missing elements from competing products, ArcSoft developed Photo+ for Mac to create the experience Mac users have come to expect from their software.

Key Photo+ for Mac features include: intelligently rotates portrait-oriented photos when importing; fundamental editing tools such as crop, rotate and zoom are built in; it creates a full-screen photo slideshow with music and 10+ classic transitions; and a track pad with multi-touch and finger gestures or a standard mouse can be used. Photo+ is also compatible with more than 35 formats, including RAW files and animated GIFs.

“Photo+ really is a response to a huge gap in the photo viewing and manipulating software,” said Sean Mao, vice president, Marketing, ArcSoft, Inc. “Today, everyone has a smartphone equipped with a great camera capable of taking great photos. Photo+ is a platform that is simple, streamlined and appeals to both the amateur and the professional photographer.”

Sharing photos is also simplified; by clicking the spacebar and selecting favorites photos while browsing, users can then instantly share individual photos or a slideshow to Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.