Benro Bat, Rhino and Tortoise Tripod Collections

Benro Bat, Rhino and Tortoise Tripod Collections


White Plains, NY—Benro unleashed three new breeds of tripods. The Benro Bat, Rhino and Tortoise tripod collections allow creators to explore all sorts of places without worrying about their tripod.

Benro Bat Tripod Collection Benro-Bat-Tripod-graphic

Designed to operate in the tightest of spaces, the Benro Bat series has a new design with five preset leg angles. As a result, Benro says users can place the tripods in positions not possible with traditional tripods.

Flexibility, with a quick multi-angle adjustment, is the key feature of the Bat tripods. In addition to the five adjustable preset leg angles, users can invert the central column without the need to remove it from the tripod, for low-level photography.

“We based the Bat design on feedback from Benro’s network of professional photographers who asked for a tripod that could be set up anywhere; even if it meant that not all three legs would actually touch the ground. Based on their early reactions to the flexibility that the multi-angle leg design delivers, we feel the Benro Bat tripod will accompany many a photographer on their wildest adventures,” said Brian Hynes, Benro Brand Marketing manager.

Benro Bat

The range consists of four tripod kits, with aluminum and carbon fiber options available. They offer weight capacities up to 35 pounds and weigh in starting at 2.1 pounds. Moreover, the tripods fall into one of three series—0, 1, 2—with each number denoting the top tube diameter. They also convert into monopods.

Bat tripods also inherit the signature features of all Benro travel tripods: reverse folding leg functionality and portability. Further, with their extended central column locking knob, it is possible to achieve better stability. The extended knob enhances the strength of the two-part center column.

Additional Bat features include three accessory attachment threads integrated into the casting; braided carbon fiber composite tubing for improved weight capacity; three-step self-adaptive feet for improved stability; and five individual leg angle adjustments. Prices range from $299.95 to $449.95.

Benro Tortoise Collection Benro bat Benro-Tortoise-tripod-graphic

Benro calls the Tortoise series tripods small yet mighty. They are a solution for photographers looking for a compact, lightweight travel tripod that punches above its weight. In addition, without a center column, the diameter of a folded Tortoise is 3.1 inches, making it easy to stow in a backpack.

Benro bat Benro-Tortoise-24CGX30
Benro Tortoise

There are two types of Tortoise tripods. The first is for photography; it features a flat platform to mount the head. The second is for videography; it has a ballleveling device to mount the head on.

Moreover, Tortoise photo tripods come in five models. All are made of carbon fiber with weight capacities up to 44 pounds and weighing in from 1.27 pounds. In addition, the two video models are both made from lightweight carbon fiber. They each support up to 44 pounds.

Benro Tortoise

Other Tortoise features include spring-loaded 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 attachment threads that provide compatibility with most tripod heads or other devices; 3×1/4-inch threads to attach accessories into the main casting; carbon fiber braided composite tubing, improving weight capacity by 13%; and three-step, self-adaptive feet. SRPs: $299.99 to $499.99.

Benro Rhino Collection Benro-Rhino-tripod-graphic

The Rhino series of portable photographic tripods offers a combination of strength and weight capacity without compromising stability. With a reverse folding design, they are equally suited for the studio as well as outdoor use.

Moreover, an automatic legangle adjustment allows users to change leg angles with the push of a button. Each Rhino tripod also converts to a full-size monopod when the designated leg and center column are combined.

Benro Rhino

In addition, these tripods have an auto-hold trigger; this make it easier to adjust the tripod leg angles. There is no need to hold the release button down.

Other Rhino features include an extended locking knob; braided carbon fiber tubing; ergonomic grips for twist leg locks for improved operation; and also three-step rubber feet. SRPs: $299.99 to $449.99.