BlackRapid Adds to Camera Strap Portfolio with the Yeti and Stealth

BlackRapid Adds to Camera Strap Portfolio with the Yeti and Stealth


Seattle, WA—BlackRapid, creators of the “Original Camera Sling” camera strap system, released three new products: the Yeti and Yeti Slim camera straps and the FastenR Stealth.

The Yeti is a new solution for carrying two camera bodies with mobility due to its sleek single shoulder design and multiple configurations. The single shoulder pad has two camera straps; one slings across the torso and the other straight down from the shoulder. For additional stability, the Yeti includes a cross-body stabilizer that fits across the photographer’s chest, to hold the system tight against the body. The photographer can also detach the secondary strap and use the Yeti as a single strap with an underarm stabilizer, for functionality like BlackRapid’s Sport straps with the integrated BRAD.

The Yeti Slim features all of the same options as the Yeti with a more slender shoulder pad for people with smaller builds.  

“At BlackRapid, we’re committed to providing products for customers with a variety of different shooting needs,” said Ron Henry, Founder of BlackRapid.

The FastenR Stealth is the next generation of BlackRapid’s Fastener FR-3 component.  Designed for the avid video shooter, the FastenR Stealth’s black vinyl covering over a solid stainless steel core dampens any noise the hardware might create while shooting. Like the third generation BlackRapid FastenR FR-3 before it, the Stealth fits on all BlackRapid R-straps to carry a camera and lens.