Cotton Carrier Intros Flytdeck Skout G2 Drone Controller Bracket

Cotton Carrier Intros Flytdeck Skout G2 Drone Controller Bracket


North Vancouver, Canada—Cotton Carrier’s brandnew Skout G2 sling-style harness was fully funded on Kickstarter. The Skout sling harness was previously available for cameras and binoculars. However, the Flytdeck Skout G2 is a redesign of the original hands-free slingstyle harness that can carry a drone remote, binoculars or a camera.

The main addition to the sling is the Flytdeck. It’s the company’s first bracket able to hold a drone controller while the pilot flies the drone. As a result, pilots don’t have to carry the extra weight in their hands. The Skout G2 also has the same functionality as the classic Skout for carrying a camera or binoculars comfortably.

Flytdeck Skout G2

The harness is specifically designed with the avid drone pilot in mind. It allows them to focus on flying and enjoying the views from the drone, without worrying about flight fatigue. “Since the Flytdeck is safe and secure, you can go hands-free when you’re operating in a sketchy location,” the company noted. Cotton-Carrier-flytdeck-Skout-G2-flytdeck

Moreover, the Flytdeck drone bracket was designed by drone pilots, for drone pilots. The bracket locks securely into a Skout, bearing the weight of the controller so that pilots can operate with both hands free. The controller is fixed to the bracket using industrial-strength 3M adhesive.

“To demonstrate its patented dependability, we hung our own controller upside-down off of the tray for a week, and it didn’t budge,” the company added. “The Flytdeck is perfect for those times when you are operating in a sketchy location and need a little extra security!” Cotton-Carrier-Flytdeck-Skout-G2-camera-bino-drone

Furthermore, the Skout holds optics close to the body; so, nothing moves around. Its key feature is its fixed-position carrying system. Cotton Carrier’s patented twist & lock mount secures the camera or binoculars, or the new Flytdeck, to the user’s chest. Consequently, it provides stability and weight distribution while keeping the optics accessible.


Cotton Carrier’s Skout G2 harness will ship in September 2021. It will have the following MSRPs: $89 for the Skout G2 for cameras or binoculars and $169 for the Skout G2 for drone controllers.