Cotton Carrier’s Binocular & Camera Harness

Cotton Carrier’s Binocular & Camera Harness


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada—Cotton Carrier’s Binocular & Camera Harness is marketed for birders and wildlife photographers looking for a way to carry both a camera and binoculars in the field.

“Our new Binocular & Camera Harness is the first product to allow any birder or wildlife photographer the ability to take both their binoculars for spotting their targets and their camera for documenting,” said Brook Parker, chief operating officer of Cotton Carrier. “We’ve recently reengineered our binocular bracket so it can be attached to most binoculars. And it’s threaded to allow direct mounting to any tripod with a ¼x20 mount.”

Cotton Carrier Binocular & Camera Harness

The Binocular & Camera Harness features Cotton Carrier’s camera harness with side holster, along with the binocular bracket. It also comes with all the hardware needed to carry binoculars and a camera. In addition, two patented Twist & Lock camera mounts are included. They are designed to keep binoculars as well as camera stabilized and mounted securely in place. Furthermore, this is claimed even when users walk at a vigorous pace.

“I have spoken to a number of birders who had stopped taking their camera with them because it was so hard to carry both,” Parker added. “Now it’s easy!”

Cotton Carrier’s Story

Andy Cotton worked as a special effects supervisor in the film industry for more than 26 years. His specialty was designing physical effects: cars crashing, people hanging off of buildings. The only constant was functionality and 100% reliability. Cotton implemented the KISS principle—Keep it simple, stupid—because lives were on the line and there was no room for error.

Later, as a professional landscape photographer, he found that no product met his need for a camera carrying solution that was comfortable, secure and also accessible.

“My years of design experience in the film industry came into play as I set out to design the system I needed. It had to be simple, without springs or moving parts. Nothing that could fail, jam or break,” said Cotton.

“Made of top-quality materials, it had to function and be absolutely reliable in all situations. It had to provide comfort and accessibility in order to improve my photographic experience. Five years later, according to enthusiastic feedback from satisfied customers from around the world, I believe I got it right.”