Delkin Debuts Its Lightest, Least Expensive Fat Gecko Carbon Fiber Monopod &...

Delkin Debuts Its Lightest, Least Expensive Fat Gecko Carbon Fiber Monopod & Tripod


Poway, CA—Delkin Devices added to its Fat Gecko product line with the Fat Gecko monopod and tripod. Both made of carbon fiber material, Delkin claims they are the lightest, most durable and inexpensive carbon fiber products currently on the market.

All components of the Fat Gecko tripod and monopod, including the carbon fiber and steel parts, are made in America.

The Fat Gecko monopod is made of eight layers of carbon fiber using a Z-weave pattern. The carbon fiber will not corrode and is not affected by heat or cold. Built to be highly durable and sturdy, it can hold up to 30 pounds without bending. Its folded height of 16 inches and weight of only three-quarters of a pound make the monopod easy to carry around, while it expands to a height of 57 inches when assembled.

Its five-section design also allows the monopod to set up and break down in seconds; users simply unstrap the monopod and it will assemble itself. For extra stability, a metal spike with a removable rubber stopper is built into the bottom of the leg for use on rocky or uneven ground.

The Fat Gecko tripod is made of seven layers of carbon fiber, using the same Z-weave pattern, and it, too, can hold up to 30 pounds. It folds down to 22 inches, reaches up to 67 inches when the middle column is fully extended and weighs in at one pound. Like the monopod, the tripod’s three-section design allows it to set up and break down quickly.

Both the Fat Gecko monopod and tripod come with a standard 1/4- to 20-inch locking ball head, which is compatible with all DSLR, video and action cameras. The head is removable, meaning that any brand of head on the market can be mounted on a 3/8-inch post. Retail price for the Fat Gecko tripod is $119.99; the Fat Gecko monopod is priced at $69.99.