Digi Clothes Worth a Look

Digi Clothes Worth a Look


We’ve seen several clothing manufacturers entering the Technology-Enabled Clothing (TEC) market and some of the stuff we’ve eyed recently makes a lot of sense. Many of the traditional clothing manufacturers are adding special jackets and/or vests to their lines that allow consumers to easily store and access products like tiny digicams or iPods and the like.

A company called Scottvest/SeV has actually come to market with an entire line of such clothing recently releasing the SeV Performance T-Shirt line. The T-shirts allow users to transport their digital music player, digital camera or cell phone hands-free, while providing easy access to the device or its headphones through what the company calls a Personal Area Network. The T-shirt is constructed with a special performance fabric from 3M which, they tell us, repels moisture for added comfort and protection of the equipment.

Major clothing brands such as Nike, Burton, Columbia and Spyder have all hinted that they will be coming out with a TEC line this fall.

As the accessory market for digital imaging continues to grow with all kinds of portable/wireless CE devices, why not add a rack of clothing to your product mix that answers the call for how to properly carry this stuff?