DNP Offers Free Service Contracts on Qualifying Printer Purchases

DNP Offers Free Service Contracts on Qualifying Printer Purchases


Concord, NC—At WPPI 2014, DNP IMS America Corp. announced its Total Protection warranty, which offers a three-year Advanced Exchange (AE) service contract at no charge with qualifying purchases of DNP printers. All purchases through authorized resellers from January 12, 2014 to March 28, 2014 are eligible for the warranty.

The company also announced DS40 4x6PM perforated printer media for social media-style images.

The AE service contract covers all costs for parts and labor for the life of the contract, eliminating out-of-pocket expenses for repairs. Compared to a standard warranty, it offers more than twice the thermal printhead coverage for DNP’s RX1, DS40 and DS80 printers.

“At no additional cost, the Total Protection warranty provides not only value but peace of mind to our clients whose daily operations rely on our printers,” said Kazuhiro Kawabata, president of DNP IMS America Corporation. “The Total Protection warranty offers all the benefits of the AE service contract to ensure printer uptime and maximize photo revenue potential.”

Additionally, the warranty guarantees all “hot swap” units ship via two-day service and assures all repairs are made with genuine DNP parts by factory-trained certified technicians and authorized service providers. The Total Protection warranty is a $399.99 retail value.

Also at WPPI 2014, DNP IMS America introduced 4x6PM perforated printer media for its DS40 printer. As a special derivative of the original flagship media for the DS40, the 4x6PM media features a 2-inch laser-snap perforation along the right side and offers the ability to create 4×4-inch square prints with two additional 2×2-inch photos that can be snapped off. Pro photographers printing with the new media can also produce images modified with filters and frames added through photo-sharing social media websites such as Instagram.

“We are pleased to introduce a new perforated media variation of our popular 4×6-inch printer media for the DS40 printer,” added Kawabata. “Thanks to the high-quality perforation, wedding and event photographers can now offer their clients the ability to attach special messages, coupons and wallet-size images to any photo printed on the 4x6PM media.”

The perforated media allows for the attachment of vouchers, coupons and other promotional materials to each print. Also, because each print template is defined by the user, photographers have complete control over the layout and design of the photo and perforation.

“The 4x6PM perforated media allows wedding and event photographers to have complete creative control over the print, whether that be special snap-off bride and groom keepsakes or a branded image and coupon at a marketing event,” explained Kawabata.

No special print drivers or firmware are necessary, as the DS40 recognizes the new media as a standard 4×6-inch media sheet and all designs should accommodate the perforation area.