Easy-Carry Summertime Accessories for On-the-Go Content Creators

Easy-Carry Summertime Accessories for On-the-Go Content Creators


Summer is the prime season for outdoor activities: traveling, hiking, water sports, beach parties and, of course, taking lots of great pictures! Indeed, published stats on picture taking prove the number of pictures taken worldwide peak during summer months, when temperatures are balmy and the days are longer. And as we adapted under the specter of Covid, there was a renewal of photo-related activities to stay connected. Now, as we move into outdoor summertime endeavors, we can continue to promote imaging to document and share adventures by highlighting easy-carry summertime accessories.

To help maximize your customers’ picture-taking possibilities, promote photographic accessories that will enhance their ability to capture images they’ll treasure. It will also help build lasting customer relationships.

Of course, adding accessories to big-ticket purchases is a great way to offset the relatively low profit margins on cameras. Camera specialty retailers are also optimally positioned to demonstrate and sell accessories by leveraging their superior knowledge base and the relationships they’ve established with their customers.

Why not creatively display and promote items like protective gear, monopods, travel tripods, waterproof cases, filters, reflectors, lens-cleaning kits, as well as the summertime-specific accessories covered here. It’s a great way to perk up summertime sales. So, take a look at our top picks to get those wheels turning!

A Selection of Easy-Carry Summertime Accessories

Tiffen Variable Neutral Density Filter

Using an VND filter is a great way to control the light when shooting at white sand beaches and in other bright, highly reflective summer environments. Its rotating ring can provide from 2 to 8 stops of light reduction; this allows photographers to shoot at wider apertures and achieve bokeh effects in portraits and landscapes. Or to shoot at slower shutter speeds for a more natural look with moving subjects, such as surfers and ocean waves.

Tiffen-VND-Filter easy-carry-summertime accessories
Tiffen VND Filter

This Tiffen filter has a wider profile front ring to minimize vignetting. Neutral density filters do not affect the overall coloration of the image, and Tiffen ND filters are manufactured using the proprietary ColorCore process to ensure precise uniformity. 52mm/58mm, $99.99; 62mm/67mm, $109.95; 72mm, $119.95; 77mm, $129.95; 82mm, $179.95. 

Giotto’s Lens Cleaning Kits

Giotto’s lens cleaning kits are available in various configurations. Moreover, we love to include them in accessories articles because of their usefulness. This kit includes a small Rocket air blower. An essential travel accessory for keeping your lenses free of the inevitable dust and debris encountered on the road or trail, it also comes with Giotto’s environmentally friendly Multi Optical cleaning solution. The solution is suitable for all glass and plastic surfaces.

easy-carry-summertime accessories-Giottos_CL1007_Lens_Cleaning_Kit
Giotto’s CL1007 lens-cleaning kit

Completing the kit are a microfiber cloth; a retractable goat’s-hair brush; 10 cotton swabs with paper shafts; and the small Giotto’s Rocket Blaster blower made from natural rubber. This ingenuous German-designed blower has a unique inlet valve design that prevents it from blowing back dust, making it suitable for cleaning delicate mirrors and sensors. This kit comes in black (CL 1001), blue (CL 1004) and red (CL 1007), $23.99. 

DiCAPac WP-S3 Waterproof Mirrorless Case

This awesome, budget-friendly DiCAPac underwater housing for mirrorless cameras lets photographers shoot to a depth of 16.4 feet. What’s more, they can operate all camera controls through the case’s housing. Constructed of durable lightweight PVC, TPU, ABS, PC and silicone, the floatable case also features a touch-fastened seal.

summertime imaging accessoriesDiCaPac-WP-S3

Further, the case meets JIS IPX8 standards for water resistance. In addition, a UV-coated lens port with an extension ring accommodates lenses up to 65mm in diameter and 68mm in length. The case itself measures 7.7×6.7 inches and weighs 12.3 ounces. It comes with a sturdy neck strap as well as a sponge block to lift shorter camera bodies to align with the port. $79.95. Note: A similar DiCAPac case for SLR cameras (the WP-S10) is also available for $99.95.

Sigma WR Circular Polarizer Filter

Perfect for shooting summer scenic and landscape images, this Sigma waterproof (WR), multicoated, adjustable filter increases overall color saturation. It also adds contrast to clouds for dramatic skies. In addition, the filter eliminates unwanted glare and most reflections on water and glass surfaces. The filters are constructed of high-spec, high-transmission optical glass with a black rim.

Sigma WR Circular Polarizer Filter

Moreover, they are set within a rotatable aluminum alloy filter ring. It features antistatic and water-repellent coatings that shed water and oil, facilitate cleaning and enhance scratch resistance. To get the desired effect, users just rotate the milled front ring of this two-part filter until they see it in the viewfinder or on the LCD—and take the shot. Note: Unlike linear polarizers, circular polarizers don’t affect meter or AF accuracy when used on today’s TTL-metering DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. The filters are available from 46mm to 105mm, $74–$323.

Sirui W-2204 Waterproof Tripod

Water sports shooters will appreciate Sirui‘s innovative tripod because it’s submersible, dustproof and waterproof to IPX7. Its proprietary ring system prevents water from seeping into the legs and causing damage. In addition, its 10-layer carbon fiber legs have ergonomic three-position leg-angle locks that lock into position automatically. Plus, they fold back 180º to achieve a 20.5-inch folded length.

Sirui W-2204

Moreover, one leg is removable for use as a monopod that extends to 69.7 inches. It also features a detachable center column that users can invert for low-angle shooting, providing a 6.1-inch minimum height. There’s also a ballast hook for adding stabilizing weights, while its slip-resistant rubber feet are replaceable with included steel spikes for rough terrain. The tripod extends to a 70.9-inch maximum height with the center column extended. It weighs in at 3.7 pounds yet has a hefty load capacity of 39.7 pounds. A 3/8″-16 head mount accommodates separately purchased Sirui or third-party heads. $419.90.

Glow 5-in-1 Portable 42″ Reflector Kit

Reflector kits are versatile light modification tools that literally let photographers harness the summer sun by controlling and directing our most powerful light source. This kit, while an Adorama exclusive, is just one example of many in this product category. It includes white, silver, gold and black discs as well as a one-stop translucent diffusion disc. All in all, it provides a great way to achieve precise lighting effects when shooting at the beach, in the field or in the studio.

Glow 5-in-1 42″ Reflector Kit

The white disc provides a neutral fill. The silver one adds contrast and increases specular highlights. The gold disc adds a touch of warmth, and the black blocks unwanted reflections and eliminates light spill. What’s more, the translucent disc cuts the light by one stop and creates broader, softer lighting effects. The 42-inch size of the discs makes them a good choice for three-quarter-length portraits and still life subjects. Notably, they fold to one-third their size for storing in the included carrying bag. $34.95.

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod Advanced

Manfrotto Compact Photo Monopod Advanced

This black-finished aluminum monopod is a great ultra-portable accessory that takes up little space but adds crucial stability when shooting outdoor pictures and videos with long telephoto lenses or after sunset.

Manfrotto‘s sturdy five-section monopod folds to 16.3 inches and extends to an eye-level 61.3 inches. In addition, it will support cameras up to 6.6 pounds yet weighs in at a mere 12.3 ounces.

Moreover, designed it Italy, it has fast-operating flip locks for easy setup; a quick wheel that lets photographers hold the camera with one hand while mounting it with the other; and an ergonomic soft grip. An included wrist strap adds security. $41.99.

Tamron 18–300mm f/3.5–6.3 Di III-A VC VXD

Long-range all-in-one zooms are great for summertime shooting. They enable photographers to capture a variety of compelling travel, vacation, nature and outdoor sports images without switching lenses. Not only does this virtually eliminate the possibility of sensor contamination but it clears up space in gear bags. This Tamron lens is a stellar example of an AiO lens that provides a versatile 27–450mm full-frame-equivalent coverage with APS-C-format mirrorless cameras.

Tamron 18–300mm f/3.5–6.3 Di III-A VC VXD

Its compact design makes the zoom easy to carry all day. Further, benefiting from its remarkable 5.9-inch close-focusing distance at the wide end and a maximum magnification ratio of 1:2, users can photograph subjects with a unique perspective. The weather-sealed lens also features Tamron’s fast, quiet VXD linear autofocus motor and VC (vibration compensation) image stabilization system for steady stills and video. In X and E mounts, $699.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD V2

Taking a compact, high-capacity hard drive along on summer excursions lets photographers back up images and videos on the fly. It also clears space on the camera’s memory cards. Two times faster than the previous iteration, this sleek solid state drive from SanDisk measures 4.3×2.3 inches. What’s more, its forged aluminum chassis has a rugged silicon shell.

SanDisk Extreme Pro Portable V2

Notably, the drive provides 2000MB/s read and write speeds. It also utilizes a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface with a USB-C connection. In addition, it comes with USB Type-C to Type-C cable and a USB Type-C to Type-A cable. Security provisions include IP55 dust and water resistance; drop resistance from a fall of 6 feet; and 256-bit AES hardware encryption. Its handy carabiner loop attaches to a belt loop or backpack for added security. With a five-year limited warranty: 1TB, $189.99; 2TB, $329.99; 4TB, $599.99.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX0 II

Here’s a great choice for outdoor still and video shooters in any weather. The latest version of Sony’s high-performance cube-shaped, waterproof ultracompact P&S features a 1-inch, 15.3MP BSI Exmor RS stacked CMOS sensor. It’s coupled to an Bionz X image processor to deliver sensitivity settings up to ISO 12,800; 16-fps, full-res bursts; and 1/32,000-sec shutter speeds. Plus, its integrated 24mm-equivalent f/1.4 Zeiss Tessar T* lens focuses down to 7.9 inches.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX0 II

The camera records 4K UHD 30p video with S-Log2 Gamma; clean 4:2:2 4K video over HDMI; as well as Full HD video at up to 120 fps. Its high frame rate (HFR) mode enables slow motion video at 960 fps in NTSC or 1000 fps in PAL. Other features are electronic image stabilization for video; a 1.5-inch, 230K-dot, 180° tilting LCD; eye AF; Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity; and a 3.5mm mic input. The DSC-RX0 II is waterproof to 33 feet, crushproof to 440 pounds and will withstand a 6.5-foot drop. It measures a minuscule 2.4×1.6×1.4 inches and weighs in at only 4.7 ounces complete with battery and card. $699.99.

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank

Content creators on the go never need run out of battery power when there’s no AC outlet around. This Belkin three-port, rechargeable portable power supply will keep laptops, tablets, phones and more juiced up when out in the boonies with its 10,000mAh and 15W of power.

Belkin Boost Charge Power Bank

Designed to charge three devices at once, it features two USB Type-A ports as well as a USB Type-C port. Moreover, an LED light indicates when the power bank needs recharging. It can provide up to an additional 40 hours of battery life to a smartphone.

This essential device measures a portable 2.7×5.2×0.6 inches and weighs a half pound. In addition, it comes with a 6-inch USB Type-A to Type-C charging cable.

The power bank is a convenient, cost-effective way to ensure uninterrupted productivity on summer excursions. In black, blue or rose gold, $29.99.

OverBoard Waterproof Dry Flat Bag

As its name implies, this capacious, lightweight bag from OverBoard floats safely if dropped in water. However, its primary purpose is protecting gear from rain, spray, sand and dirt when trekking through the woods or having summer fun on a lake or at the seashore. Constructed of super-light special edition ripstop nylon TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)-coated material, it uses a proprietary Fold Seal System and high frequency welded seams to ensure valuables remain bone dry. In fact, the bag earned a 100% waterproof Class 3 rating.

OverBoard Waterproof Dry Flat Bag

The bags come in three capacities to accommodate varying needs. What’s more, with rugged, heavy-duty construction, they fold compactly when not in use. They also feature an integral carry handle plus a removable, adjustable shoulder strap, carabiner clip and two D-rings for easy attachments. In yellow and black, 5L, $23.99; red and black, 15L, $35.99; blue and black, 30L, $45.99.