Everimaging Releases Beautune Easy-to-Use Pro Digital Makeup Desktop Software

Everimaging Releases Beautune Easy-to-Use Pro Digital Makeup Desktop Software


San Francisco, CA—Everimaging released Beautune for desktop operating systems, a photography software for enhancing and sharing portraits. Available for Windows and Mac, Beautune is designed to provide a fast and easy way to make any portrait look better in minutes.

Beautune’s portrait retouching tools, based on real-life makeup, include: Skin Enhancement, with one-tap lightening, skin smoothing, wrinkle/blemish removal and blush boost; Facial Reshaping with the ability to gently nudge and reshape features; Eyes, an automatic eye enhancement that enlarges eyes, adds eye tint, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and eye shadow and removes red-eye; and Mouth, to apply or change lipstick and whiten teeth.

Advanced features include clone, detail, defocus and crop functions, and the program offers more than 20 photo effects and nine frame styles that can be applied to pictures.

Beautune allows users adjustment control, and it’s capable of handling larger image sizes and applying more detailed post-processing. Plus, with an intuitive user interface and click-and-drag simplicity, users can get results with a very low learning curve.

In addition to the Beautune desktop software, it is available as an app at the Mac App Store, where Everimaging claims it has “shot up to the Top 3 paid photography apps, behind only Apple’s offerings.” Beautune v1.1 desktop software retails for $29.99. everimaging.com