Digital Frame as Storage Device? Fidelity Thinks So

Digital Frame as Storage Device? Fidelity Thinks So


When you name your latest digital frame product – The Digital Photo Vault – you clearly have something other than display in mind.

Fidelity Electronics recently announced the launch of The Digital Photo Vault which features an expandable 80GB hard drive, energy-saving motion sensor, rechargeable batteries along with music/video playback. While displaying consumer images in slideshow mode will remain a big part of this product’s appeal, Fidelity sees another opportunity worth marketing with this model.The company claims The Vault allows users to store, “thousands of hours of photos (JPEG), music (MP3) and video collection (MPEG 1, 2, 4, AVI) and play them on a high resolution 8-inch digital picture frame.”

“Leave the frame on 24/7 and don’t worry about energy use as the frame will turn on or off by itself whenever there is movement in the room” says Richard Kizner, Director of Marketing for Fidelity Electronics. “The Digital Photo Vault is a big step forward in digital frame technology featuring the largest memory capacity available and true portability with rechargeable batteries and an auto rotate function. We are very excited about this cutting edge frame and its powerful but practical features that are equally suited for a family get-together or a boardroom meeting,” he adds.

The Digital Photo Vault is expected to retail at $399 and the company says it should be available some time next month.