Focal Press Releases Latest Book in “The Photographer’s Eye” Series

Focal Press Releases Latest Book in “The Photographer’s Eye” Series


Burlington, MA—Focal Press, a publisher of media technology books, released Michael Freeman’s The Photographer’s Story, a creative guide that offers encouragement to enthusiasts who have mastered photography techniques but are looking for direction and themes to drive their creative ambitions.

Freeman shares his visual storytelling expertise and tips through dozens of photo stories across a range of subjects and formats. He gets under the hood of photographic narratives with deconstructions and graphic schematics to show how photo stories work. Giving special attention to the rise of digital media, Freeman explores how new technology changes the way visual narratives are constructed and consumed.

“It took the explosion of photography into all its many modern forms to make me realize that what I had been doing most of the time was storytelling,” said Michael Freeman. “One kind of photography that is redefining itself is storytelling, which for many of us is the classic, essential, and pure form photography.”

Many of the photographs included in the book were taken during his “Storytelling through Photographs” lecture series last year. Freeman couples his personal experiences and assignments with the history of documentary photography dating back to the 1920s.

Renowned for his international travel photography, Freeman is the author of more than 20 photographic books, including, The Exposure Field Guide, The DSLR Field Guide, and Michael Freeman’s Perfect Exposure. The Photographer’s Story is now available for $29.95.