G-Technology Expands Studio External Drives for 4K Video Editing & Photo Workflows

G-Technology Expands Studio External Drives for 4K Video Editing & Photo Workflows


Culver City, CA—G-Technology, a provider of storage solutions for audio/video production, photography and the creative professional market, announced the first products in its new Studio line: the G-Raid Studio and G-Speed Studio external drive solutions.

Continuing G-Technology’s design legacy, the Studio family comes in sleek black enclosures for today’s high-performance computers and workstations. The line features multiple RAID options, removable enterprise-class 7,200 RPM drives, 20 gigabits per second (Gbps) Thunderbolt 2 interfaces and high-capacity 6TB hard disk drives (HDDs) for pre- and postproduction workflows.

“From lightning-fast transfer speeds to modern designs, we’ve approached our Studio series with the needs of today’s editors, photographers, filmmakers and musicians in mind,” said Mike Williams, vice president and general manager, G-Technology. “The Studio series is built to handle the demands of 2K and 4K workflows, and represents the next level in our constant evolution to better support professional workflows with performance, style and reliability.”

G-Speed Studio
. With hardware RAID, this is a four-bay Thunderbolt 2 storage solution that supports user-selectable RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 for flexibility and speed. With its built-in RAID controller, the G-Speed Studio is not tied to a single workstation and can be transported and used on a Mac laptop or desktop in the studio, edit bay or on the road. The device boasts sustained transfer rates of 660MB/sec in RAID 0 and can be daisy-chained via dual Thunderbolt 2 ports. It ships with four removable enterprise-class hard drives, designed to support multi-stream compressed 4K and 2K workflows. In a RAID 5 (data redundant) configuration, the G-Speed Studio RAID can handle up to 30 hours of 4K footage in ProRes 4444 and can edit three streams of compressed 4K. The G-Speed Studio with enterprise-class hardware RAID will be available in May for $3,599.95, 24TB; $2,699.95, 16TB; and $2,199.95, 12TB.

G-Raid Studio.
A high-performance storage system with hardware RAID, it enables digital content-creation workflow. User-selectable in RAID 0, RAID 1 or JBOD, it features Thunderbolt 2 technology and has transfer rates up to 360MB/sec for editing high-resolution photos or multiple streams of compressed 2K and 4K projects. The solution ships with two removable enterprise-class 7,200 RPM hard drives for total capacities of 12TB. The G-Raid Studio will be available in May for $1,299.95, 12TB; $849.95, 8TB; and $699.95, 6TB.

All products in G-Technology’s Studio line are plug-and-play for Mac and come with a three-year limited warranty. g-technology.com