Gary Fong Adds Puffer Plus and Puffer Plus Warming Shield Accessories

Gary Fong Adds Puffer Plus and Puffer Plus Warming Shield Accessories


New York, NY—Gary Fong, Inc., added to its lineup of Puffer pop-up flash diffusers with the introduction of the Puffer Plus, which expands on the fundamental features of the first generation models to provide photographers with creatively diffused lighting versus the harsh lighting that pop-up flashes often produce. Also introduced was the Puffer Plus Warming Shield.

Puffer Plus. Designed to eliminate harsh shadows, red-eye and hot spots so photographers can achieve professional style photos with minimal equipment, the Puffer Plus’s compact size makes it suitable for travel. Its universal capabilities also make it useful for portraits, group shots or any scene that requires fill flash.

Redesigned from the ground up, the Puffer Plus utilizes a new shield that is nearly double the size of the original Puffer shield and has an advanced light-filtering, textured finish. Its sliding rail system allows for quick centering of the Puffer shield over the camera’s pop-up flash. Affixed directly to a camera’s hot-shoe, the Puffer Plus does not interfere with in-camera systems, to ensure the full capabilities of the camera are preserved. When not in use, Puffer Plus disassembles to stow in a camera bag or a pocket.

Puffer Plus Warming Shield.
Used in place of the shield that comes with the Puffer Plus, this optional accessory is said to create a gentle warming effect for shooting in open shade or enriching the colors of a sunset shoot.

“For the millions of DLSR users, the convenience and capabilities of these devices are often debilitated by the compact nature of their flash. Finding a solution for these over-powered flashes is a requirement for any shooter looking to produce quality images,” said Gary Fong, internationally renowned photographer and CEO of Gary Fong, Inc. “By improving upon our wildly popular line of Puffer pop-up flash diffusers, we’ve developed the ultimate solution for creating professional-style lighting effects in a truly transportable and travel-friendly package.”

The Puffer Plus diffuser is available for $24.95 MAP. The Puffer Plus warming shield is sold separately for $9.95 MAP.