Gary Fong Color Reference Kit Gives Photogs the Tools to Achieve Accurate...

Gary Fong Color Reference Kit Gives Photogs the Tools to Achieve Accurate Color


New York, NY—Gary Fong, Inc., developer and manufacturer of photography equipment designed to help photographers experience new levels of creativity, announced an addition to its Lightsphere Diffuser accessory line with the introduction of the Color Reference kit.

“We have become so accustomed to letting our cameras make all the decisions for us, from exposure and metering to color. In most cases, today’s technology does a great job! However, to achieve consistent and accurate color, it is essential that the photographer takes the reins rather than allowing the camera to call the shots,” said Gary Fong, internationally renowned photographer and CEO of Gary Fong, Inc. “The Color Reference kit gives the power back to the photographer, and that power is what sets images apart.”

Created for photographers looking to gain accuracy, the kit includes the WhiteDome, the GrayDome, a pocket field guide and a lanyard to keep everything together. By employing the techniques of reflective metering with the GrayDome and incident metering with the WhiteDome, color casts and inconsistencies can be eliminated, the company reported.

Using reflective metering, photographers shoot the GrayDome in the scene or with the subject holding it, which captures and measures the color of the light reflected off the dome. That frame then becomes the benchmark reference for all images photographed under those lighting conditions from which a custom white balance can be set during post-processing.

Photographers can also use incident light, or light falling on the subject, to measure and adjust for white balance. To do so, they first place the lens in manual focus, set the white balance to daylight mode and the camera to program mode. They then take a sample photo of the scene with the Gary Fong WhiteDome over the lens and use the sample photo to set the custom white balance in-camera.

Unlike traditional white balance cards, the GrayDome and WhiteDome are spherical, gauging all types of light from all directions, which is essential for an accurate white balance. Furthermore, according to the company, “they won’t bend, warp or fade like traditional cardboard cards,” and they stack on top of other Gary Fong accessory domes for packing. $24.95 MAP.