Induro’s New Low-Profile, Heavy-Duty BHL Ball Heads

Induro’s New Low-Profile, Heavy-Duty BHL Ball Heads


Elmsford, NY—Induro, maker of tripods, heads and accessories for pro photographers, released its low-profile, heavy-duty BHL ball heads.

For use with today’s most popular professional camera systems, the top-of the line Induro BHL-series ball heads are designed to provide secure and steady support for heavy camera bodies and lenses. Yet, Induro says the BHL ball heads about 20% lighter and 15% more compact than other comparable ball heads.

They feature oversized head-lock knobs with an integrated lock limiter tension control, independent panning action lock and an Arca-Swiss style quick-release system with double safety lock. They also include a built-in bubble level for camera alignment.

“With the introduction of the new Induro BHL-series ball heads, the most advanced in our line, Induro now provides photographers with a full range of ball heads capable of supporting virtually any camera and lens combination as well as other optical systems,” said Jan Lederman, president of Induro. “These new BHL ball heads deliver maximum support for high-end DSLRs, medium- and large-format cameras and video systems offering the flexibility and precise control that professional photographers demand.”

The Induro BHL ball heads are available in three sizes with prices ranging from $192 to $311 depending on the model. Induro products are designed and marketed by MAC Group ( in the USA.