Insta360 Flow AI-Tracking Smartphone Video Stabilizer

Insta360 Flow AI-Tracking Smartphone Video Stabilizer

Insta360 Flow

Los Angeles, CA—The Insta360 Flow AI-tracking smartphone video stabilizer enables a smartphone to automatically follow a desired subject. In addition, it works with 3-axis stabilization to help deliver smooth shots.

Paired with a built-in selfie stick, tripod and power bank, the Flow is positioned as an all-in-one tool for content creators on the go.

“For our first smartphone gimbal, we wanted a device that goes beyond the basic functionality of a gimbal and offers a whole new way to film moments on your smartphone. Powered by our AI technology, honed over years of research and development, the Flow tracks, stabilizes and edits content for you,” said JK Liu, founder of Insta360.

Insta360 Flow AI-Tracking

The Flow’s mechanical stabilization helps produce shake-free shots. The company says it performs where a smartphone’s electronic stabilization often fails, such as filming in low light or zooming in. Insta360-Flow-Low-angle-Shooting-02

The device’s stabilization and handheld design also mean creators aren’t limited to setting it up in a stationary position to track themselves. Moreover, its gimbal design paired with Insta360’s AI tracking technology, Deep Track 3.0, enables the Flow to follow subjects in real time. It rotates to follow the movement of the subject, framing shots automatically.

Deep Track 3.0’s performance is due to several technical advantages:

  • Person re-identification continues tracking the same person throughout a recording, even if they’re blocked from view. Additionally, all-angle tracking continual tracks as the subject’s shape changes.
  • Zoom tracking, slow-motion tracking and live mode track while video calling or livestreaming in another app, like TikTok.
  • Tracking recovery initiates when a subject moves out of frame. The Flow will keep tracking it by zooming out or following the direction it’s moving.

What’s more, for a totally automated shooting experience, solo creators can set up the tripod and use gesture control to prompt the Flow. It will then start tracking hands-free—no need to point the camera or press a button.

Flow Components

Furthermore, the Flow integrates a creator’s essential shooting tools into one device. Its built-in selfie stick is an extension rod that reaches out to 8.5 inches for better selfies and cinematic low-angle shots. Secondly, its tripod expands from the handle, allowing creators to set up the device to film themselves or capture a motion timelapse or 360º photo.

Insta360 Flow

The device also acts as a power bank. Its 2900mAh battery can charge a smartphone while recording. Lastly, it has a built-in cold shoe to add a mic for leveled-up audio without additional accessories.

The Flow also unfolds in one motion. Users attach a phone via the magnetic phone clamp, unfold the gimbal, and they’re ready to start shooting. With iPhones, the Insta360 app will detect the Flow when attached and send a notification to open the Insta360 app to connect.Insta360-Flow-as-a-Power-Bank

In addition, the device’s SmartWheel boasts a minimalist design that gives creators access to useful functions, from shooting controls to video replay. A swipe of the wheel toggles between four main modes: auto, follow, pan follow and FPV.

Other Features

The device also offers other shooting modes. For instance, users can extend the tripod and the Flow will snap an immersive panorama in 360°, 240°, 180° or 3×3 grid format. Users can also film a hyperlapse with stabilized, sped-up footage over time.

Furthermore, they can set the Flow down to film between two points for a motion timelapse sequence. Plus, with dolly zoom, they can recreate the classic Hollywood effect with the tap of a button.

Moreover, when filming is finished, creators can use FlashCut to edit together their video clips on-beat to music, with transitions and effects.

In summit white or stone gray, the Insta360 Flow is available for a suggested retail price of $159.99. It includes a magnetic phone clamp, charge cable, grip cover as well as protective pouch.