Interactive Photo Frame From Isabella

Interactive Photo Frame From Isabella


Isabella Products has announced the availability of Vizit, the first two-way, fully interactive digital photo frame powered by the AT&T wireless network.

Available now on, Vizit enables friends and family to send photos of life’s most important moments in real-time, connecting loved ones regardless of location. Simply email a photo to the frame address and it arrives within minutes, connecting families with the images. Then, with just a touch of the screen, Vizit users can share, reply, forward, favorite and delete any image on the frame. All photos sent to Vizit are automatically archived within a user’s personal account, which allows users to remotely manage, edit, delete and organize the photos on their frame.

Crowned the winner of the Best Embedded Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress in February, Vizit is sold direct from and retails at $279.99, requiring a basic ($5.99/month) or premium ($79.99/year) photo plan.

Isabella Products’ CEO, Matthew I. Growney explains, “An evolution of how we share photos is underway. To date, a digital frame has simply served as an end point or storage unit. With Vizit, people can now reply to pictures or forward them to others directly from the frame. It’s truly the most interactive experience.”

“Isabella Products has approached Vizit in an innovative way which will allow the digital photo frame to become a more integral part of the imaging ecosystem,” commented InfoTrends senior research analyst Carrie Sylvester, “If you don’t free the pictures from the ‘electronic shoeboxes’ (e.g. memory cards and PCs) and bring the photos into our everyday lives, there’s not much point in taking pictures.”

Through a partnership with, the Vizit digital photo frame will also feature photos from the largest collection of professional photography on the web today. This expansive photo collection contains millions of extraordinary images, many of which are now accessible to Vizit users through an RSS feed on the frame owner’s account. Additionally, users can easily import their photos from photo sharing sites like Photobucket into their account.