Joby GripTight Pro Video Smartphone Tools

Joby GripTight Pro Video Smartphone Tools

New Design Features Pan-and-Tilt Capabilities to Aid in Smooth Video Recording


Petaluma, CA—Joby introduced the GripTight Pro video mount and GripTight Pro video GP stand as the newest products in its flagship GripTight line. For smartphone videography, the devices are engineered for mobile filming and live streaming.

Joby GripTight Pro Video Mount on GorillaPod

The new solutions are designed to increase creative possibilities for smartphones. They feature pan-and-tilt functions to fluidly follow the action and capture new angles—without having to carry bulky equipment or position multiple cameras.

“As the sales of our professional-grade, GripTight Pro series smartphone mounts and stands continue to grow, we are extending the product line with the introduction of GripTight Pro Video,” said Tim Grimmer, vice president of Brand and Product for DayMen, Joby’s holding company. “These mounts and stands are specifically designed with fluid pan-and-tilt functionality, perfect for smartphone video and live streaming.”

Joby GripTight Pro Video Mount

Joby GripTight Pro Video Mount

Designed for use with any smartphone, with or without a case, the mount also attaches to any tripod. This includes Joby’s GorillaPod. Its locking tilt functionality allows for hands-free use. In addition, a new anodized aluminum panning arm enables precise movements and rotates into a compact position for transport. Constructed of stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ABS plastic and TPE rubber, the video mount also features locking stainless steel jaws to keep a smartphone secure within TPE grip pads. The GripTight video mount has a suggested retail price of $49.95.

Joby GripTight PRO Video GP Stand

Joby Griptight Pro Video Stand

The GripTight Pro stand pairs Joby’s new video mount with the company’s iconic GorillaPod. The video GP stand is built for durability, also using stainless steel, anodized aluminum, ABS plastic and TPE rubber.

The GorillaPod’s flexible legs can wrap around objects for unlimited angles as well as composition control. It can also be bent to create a handle for taking selfies, vlogging or recording handheld, on-the-go video. In addition, rubber foot grips provide stability on any surface. The bundle has an SRP of  $69.95.