Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories Launch

Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories Launch


Rochester, NY—Eastman Kodak Company and Eye Caramba Ltd., its authorized brand licensee, introduced Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories. The lineup of smartphone camera tools clips to a smartphone to capture life’s moments with a more unique look.

“Kodak is delighted to be working with Eye Caramba to provide tools that enable everyone to take pictures even further with the Kodak Smartphone Accessories,” said Joel Satin, executive director, Brand Licensing Sales and Business Development, VP Brand, Film and Imaging, Eastman Kodak Company.

The pocket-size accessories include a high-quality, ultrawide lens to capture more of the surroundings in the photo; as well as a macro lens to capture up-close details. Moreoverr, to shoot in challenging lighting conditions, there is the Portrait ring light. Also in the line is a fisheye lens to create even wider images or video; a tripod; and a Bluetooth remote shutter.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Accessories

Kodak Smartphone 2-in-1 Lens Set

Whether shooting landscapes or extreme close-ups this is the lens. The combo lens converts from a 100º ultrawide-angle lens into a 15x macro lens and back; users just have to twist to remove the outer lens. SRP: $29.99.

Kodak Smartphone 3-in-1 Lens Set
Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit

This kit includes ultrawide, macro and also fisheye lenses in one handy package to expand photography options. It features a 100º wide-angle lens; a 15x macro for close-ups; and a fisheye lens that provides that a classic dark vignette look to photos. $39.99.

Kodak Smartphone Portrait Light

The Portrait light works with either the front or the rear camera. It provides extra light for a softer, professional look. $19.99.

Kodak Smartphone Tripod

The 8-inch tripod turns into a compact 10-inch handle with a firm grip. The tripod allows horizontal as well as vertical shooting, offering flexibility for both smartphones and digital cameras. It also comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote shutter. A zipper travel case is included for carrying and packing. $29.99.

Kodak Smartphone Photography Kit

Also in the lineup is this comprehensive, multipurpose photography set. It includes all the above accessories in one package. $69.99. Kodak-smartphone-photography-accessories-lifestyle02Eye Caramba Ltd.

A manufacturer of smartphone photography products, Eye Caramba designs functional products that enable a smartphone to become a better camera. Moreover, its portfolio consists of optical lenses; tripods and handles; filming grips; photo cases; photography lights; and remote shutters. Eye Caramba’s products are also available globally under the Black Eye brand.