LaCie Ships Little Big Disk, “World’s Fastest Portable” External Drive

LaCie Ships Little Big Disk, “World’s Fastest Portable” External Drive


Cupertino, CA—LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate Technology, released its fastest portable external storage solution ever—the LaCie Little Big Disk, featuring Thunderbolt 2. Said to deliver speeds of 1,375MB/sec, the drive fits into a laptop bag.

To achieve the full potential of Thunderbolt 2 speeds, LaCie engineered the Little Big Disk with a pair of 500GB PCIe Gen 2 SSDs. And users can expand the storage solution by daisy-chaining two LaCie Little Big Disks to achieve speeds faster than the maximum Thunderbolt 2 transfer rate. By connecting them in parallel to Apple’s new Mac Pro, for instance, they can deliver speeds up to 2,600MB/sec.

Geared for professionals who require a portable solution for editing 4K video in the field, in addition to its postproduction benefits, the LaCie Little Big Disk is engineered to transfer dailies 10 times faster than mobile USB 3.0 hard drives. For example, specs state it’s possible to transfer 300GB of 4K footage in less than three minutes.

Thanks to its two Thunderbolt 2 ports, users can daisy-chain up to five LaCie Little Big Disks plus a 4K display, and connect them to a computer via a single cable, thus creating a plug-and-play 4K video-editing environment with scalable capacity.

The Little Big Disk is available in 1TB SSD capacity starting at $1,299.99. It is protected by a three-year limited warranty and includes free, web-based resources, in-house technical support and worldwide repair/replacement coverage.