LensPen for Cleaning Lenses on Drones

LensPen for Cleaning Lenses on Drones


Vancouver, Canada—For more than 25 years, LensPen has offered photographers a way to keep their optics clean and thus images sharp. The same carbon-cleaning technology that has been marketed to safely clean DSLR and action camera lenses is now being adapted for cleaning lenses and other optics on drones.

“Our optics cleaning products are ideal for cleaning lenses, filters and screens on drones and other unmanned aircraft systems,” said Ryan Keating, vice president of Sales. “Our proprietary carbon-cleaning technology safely and effectively removes dust and grease from drone lenses and other fine optics.”

LensPen MiniPro

The Original LensPen, MiniPro and MicroPro are specifically designed to clean lenses. FilterKlear is provided to clean filters, and the company’s DigiKlear is for cleaning LCD displays.

All the products clean in two steps. First, photographers can use the retractable natural brush to remove any loose dust. If grease or fingerprints remain, they can twist the cap off on the other end and use the carbon-infused cleaning tip to completely clean the lens. Sprays, tissues and cloths are not needed. “A microfiber cloth will not completely clean a lens,” Keating added, “but a LensPen will.”

LensPen FilterKlear

LensPen is no stranger to aerial photography. Keating noted that NASA uses these products to clean lenses and other precision optics on the International Space Station.

“Our cleaning technology is endorsed by NASA, the United States Marine Corps, Nikon and also many other top camera, binocular and scope manufacturers,” Keating said. “They cobrand because they know LensPen is safe for lens coatings and works in the toughest environments—even 250 miles in the air!”

LensPen products are designed to be environmentally friendly and effective in heat as well as cold. In addition, they have no expiration date.

Parkside Optical

Parkside Optical is a wholly owned subsidiary of International Parkside Products Inc., a Vancouver-based public company. Since 1992, Parkside has designed, produced and marketed products to clean fingerprints on optical/screen products. These include cameras, filters, binoculars, scopes, computers, digital picture frames and also iPads, tablets and phones.

Parkside products make use of a carbon cleaning compound for which it has held various patents. Furthermore, new patents have been applied for as the company expands the range of applications for its fingerprint cleaning technology.

Parkside’s brand name LensPen was the first trademark registered by the company. lenspen.com