LensPen: New Look, New Features, Same Benefits

LensPen: New Look, New Features, Same Benefits


Vancouver, BC, Canada—It has been 20 years since Parkside Optical introduced the original LensPen to keep cameras, binoculars and other fine optics clean. Now Parkside has introduced a new line of LensPen cleaning products with a stylish design and fresh packaging. It has a completely new look but the same features that have made LensPen “an optics necessity, not just an accessory.”

Designed to be completely safe for all lens and filter surfaces, the secret to LensPen’s cleaning ability and long life (more than 500 cleanings) is found in its special carbon compound.

It’s this carbon compound that has persuaded many camera, binocular and scope manufacturers to have Parkside Optical produce LensPens on an OEM basis for them. Parkside has introduced this carbon cleaning technology to a range of applications: DSLR sensors, laptop and desktop computers, smartphone cameras and, most recently, iPads and tablet screens with their new SideKick.

“There are never any messy liquids to spray on and then wipe off, and there’s no need for dirty optical tissues or microfiber cloths that often do nothing more than smear the fingerprint oil around,” said Peter Meurrens, vice president of Operations at Parkside Optical. “Try it once and join the millions of already satisfied LensPen customers who know that nothing cleans like a LensPen. Not really so surprising for those that know us because at Parkside Optical we focus all our energy on one little problem that everyone else seems to ignore: how to clean fingerprints!” lenspen.com