Next-Gen Logitech G Yeti Microphones and Litra Lights Launch

Next-Gen Logitech G Yeti Microphones and Litra Lights Launch


San Jose, CA—Logitech G, a sub-brand of Logitech, released three products for the livestreaming and gaming space. The next-generation products are the Logitech G Yeti GX microphone, Logitech G Yeti Orb microphone and the Logitech G Litra Beam LX light.

Moreover, Logitech G designed the new Yeti microphones and Litra light to meet the specific needs of content creators and game streamers using broadcast-style audio and pro-level lighting gear. All three also work together via Logitech’s G Hub software to enable users to deliver content to their communities.

Logitech G Yeti Microphones and Litra Lights
Yeti GX
Logitech G Yeti GX

Based on the Yeti design, the Yeti GX is a premium, broadcast-style microphone with dynamic capsule technology. It features a supercardioid pickup pattern to elevate the voice while rejecting room noise, keyboard clicks and other background sounds. Further, the Yeti GX features one-handed control of mic gain by leveraging a scroll wheel from the Logitech G gaming mice. You can dial in the gain and, with a press of the wheel, apply the Yeti GX’s smart audio lock feature to prevent clipping and reduce background distractions thanks to an onboard DSP.

The Yeti GX is also a USB plug-and-play mic for easy setup and streaming. In addition, it is compatible with the Blue Compass boom arm and, coming soon, an updated Logitech G version of the Compass arm. The Yeti GX mic has a suggested retail price of $149.99.

Yeti Orb

This is a sleek gaming microphone built for ease-of-use through a plug-and-play USB connection. For gamers new to streaming, the Yeti Orb is built with a custom condenser capsule, complete with a cardioid pickup pattern that focuses on your voice, reducing distracting key clicks and background noise. The Yeti Orb retails for $59.99.

Logitech G Yeti Orb

What’s more, both new mics include Blue VO!CE technology, which is accessible through GHUB software. The technology delivers real-time voice filters that further reduce noise to make your voice sound richer, cleaner and more professional. Blue VO!CE also has real-time filters to smooth out volume levels.

Litra Beam LX

The Litra Beam LX is a dual-sided RGB streaming key light. It uses Logitech G’s TrueSoft technology for shaping and directing light so everyone can look their best. TrueSoft technology also features cinematic color accuracy and advanced diffusion by eliminating harsh shadows with adjustable brightness. It also offers color temperatures ranging from warm candlelight to cool blue (2700K–6500K) and RGB settings. Certified safe for all-day streaming, Litra Beam LX has cleared UL testing guidelines. The Litra Beam LX has an SRP of $149.99.

Logitech G Litra Beam LX

These three new products feature Logitech G’s LightSync RGB technology. Available in GHUB software, LightSync synchronizes color and lighting for customized effects plus full-spectrum animation. You can also synchronize your lighting across all your LightSync-enabled mics, lights, mice, keyboards and headsets.

Windows 11 Support

In addition, Logitech G announced full support for all LightSync-enabled devices with Dynamic Lighting on Windows 11 once it becomes available. Windows Dynamic Lighting is a new RGB lighting tool on Windows 11 that lets you coordinate effects across many brands of RGB-enabled products.

Green Products

Logitech is committed to creating a more equitable and climate positive world by actively working to reduce its carbon impact. The plastic parts of these new products include certified post-consumer recycled plastic. As such, they give a second life to end-of-use plastic from old consumer electronics. There is a minimum of 74% in the Yeti Orb, 68% in the Yeti GX and 48% in the Litra Beam LX.

In addition, the paper packaging comes from FSC-certified forests and other controlled sources. Furthermore, all Logitech G products are certified carbon neutral and use renewable energy where possible during manufacturing.