Lowel Light SlimLight Rifa Pro & Blender Kits Provide Portable On-Location Lighting

Lowel Light SlimLight Rifa Pro & Blender Kits Provide Portable On-Location Lighting


Hauppauge, NY—The Tiffen Company is now shipping the new Lowel SlimLight Rifa Blender and Lowel SlimLight Rifa Pro lighting kits. Combining the Rifa eX44 with the Lowel Blender LED (SlimLight Rifa Blender) and the 200w Pro-light (Lowel SlimLight Rifa Pro), Lowel created a portable yet powerful lighting kit.

“The demands on image makers are immense, and Lowel Light is committed to providing them the outstanding lighting technology to realize their projects at the highest quality and with greatest convenience. The SlimLight kits let you do more with less without any compromise,” said Steve Tiffen, president and CEO of The Tiffen Company.

The Lowel SlimLight Rifa kits are designed for fast 60-second setup and smooth, soft light quality, while the Blender’s Tungsten & Daylight LEDs are engineered to blend quickly and easily to match the mixed light sources of a real-world location, or create a contrasting color mix to make the subject stand out. With the LED Blender, a SlimLight three-light kit draws 232 watts.

The compact, focusable Lowel Pro-light is designed to produce even light with Fresnel-like shadow quality, evenly dispersed flood and a uniform spot with significant barn-door cut. Its compact size makes it ideal as a low-level key or accent light, fill light (with diffusion) or back light.

Each Lowel Light SlimLight kit contains a 200w Rifa eX 44 dedicated tungsten-halogen soft light matched with either a compact color-mixing Lowel Blender LED(s) or focusable tungsten-halogen 200w Pro-light(s), plus Uni TO stands—all contained in a Slim Litebag. lowel.com and tiffen.com