Magewell Adds HDR Support to Select Pro Capture Cards

Magewell Adds HDR Support to Select Pro Capture Cards


Las Vegas, NV—To help content producers take advantage of the latest advances in video technologies, Magewell added HDR (high dynamic range) support to select HDMI models in its flagship Pro Capture family of PCI Express capture cards. The company will highlight its new HDR capabilities at the 2018 NAB Show, April 9–12, in Las Vegas, where Magewell will exhibit in Booth SU6324.

HDR enables more natural-looking and compelling video imagery, with enhanced contrast range and richer color reproduction. When viewed on HDR-equipped display devices, HDR technologies can provide more detail in dark picture areas and brighter whites. It can also display an expanded range of mid-tones and more vibrant colors than earlier video standards.

In addition, when used with HDR-enabled video sources and software, Magewell’s HDR support will allow users to capture and record content compatible with the HDR10 open standard for consumer TVs.

“HDR can have even more impact on viewing experiences than 4K resolution, particularly at the typical distances between consumers and their display devices,” said James Liu, vice president of Engineering at Magewell. “As more viewers discover HDR’s significant visual benefits and life-like images, demand for HDR-enhanced content will continue to accelerate. We’re pleased to help

Magewell Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus

content creators add HDR to their production workflows with these new Pro Capture capabilities.”

HDR support will initially be available in Magewell’s Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus and Pro Capture HDMI 4K Plus LT. Furthermore, it will be supported in the upcoming dual-channel Pro Capture Dual HDMI 4K Plus models. All of the cards support resolutions up to 4,096×2,160 at 60 frames per second over HDMI 2.0 interfaces. Existing cards can be upgraded to support HDR by uploading a new EDID (extended display identification data) file.

HDR capture and recording also requires HDR-enhanced software applications. In addition to anticipated support from third-party vendors, Magewell will provide a sample application for testing and development. Moreover, it plans to add HDR recording capabilities to a future version of its own Capture Express software. Captured files can then be played back on HDR10-compliant devices through compatible play-out hardware or software.

The HDR enhancements for 4K, HDMI-connected Pro Capture Plus cards are available immediately to developers, with end-user software to follow. HDR support is also planned for Magewell’s 2K/HD Pro Capture cards through future driver and firmware updates, bringing the benefits of extended dynamic range to high-definition productions.


Founded in 2011, Magewell focuses on the core technology of video and audio processing. Distributed globally, Magewell products are used in an array of professional video applications. These include broadcast, live event streaming, medical imaging, lecture capture, surveillance, video conferencing as well as gaming.