Manfrotto Debuts Advanced and Pro Camera Bag Lines

Manfrotto Debuts Advanced and Pro Camera Bag Lines


Upper Saddle River, NJ—Manfrotto announced two new bag lines: the Advanced line, for photographers who need room for both their camera gear and their personal items; and the Pro line, for professionals who like to bring along pro DSLRs, lenses, flash units, laptops, tripods and accessories. The new lines are designed to offer options for photographers at every level.

Both bag lines feature a sleek Italian design and dedicated compartments for everything from a camera to lenses, along with mobile devices and personal items. Varying in size and weight, the Advanced line offers 12 SKUs ranging from backpacks and slings to holsters and shoulder bags. The Pro line is comprised of 14 SKUs, including backpacks, holsters, shoulder bags and a roller bag.

Manfrotto said the bags “are built on the principles of maximum protection, comfort and convenience, delivering optimal cushioning for your camera. . . . Both lines feature a lightweight design and are extremely comfortable. They deliver best in size and portability, allowing photographers to capture every moment without having to worry about leaving any tools behind.”

The Manfrotto Advanced line features: pro-inspired protection and construction; bright coloring to help gear stand out; protective inner dividers with customizable layouts; easy access to the camera compartment; long-wearing zippers; multiple storage options for personal accessories; a tripod holder; vented back panels; a rugged, durable lower half with a more stylish fabric on top; and carbon detailing.

The Advanced line is comprised of the following bags: Active Backpack I, $99.99; Active Backpack II, $119.99; Tri Backpack S, $84.99; Tri Backpack M, $104.99; Tri Backpack L, $129.99; Gear Backpack M, $89.99; Active Sling I, $89.99; Shoulder Bag II, $44.99; Shoulder Bag IV, $54.99; Shoulder Bag VII, $79.99; Holster S, $39.99; and Holster M, $44.99.

The Manfrotto Pro bags feature: a compartment located in the center of each bag, called the Camera Protection System (CPS), that protects equipment against impact; Exo-Tough construction said to shield the face of the bag with multilayered protection, including thermo-formed areas to protect gear against impact; shock-absorbing camera section dividers that cushion the equipment in the middle of the bag; ergonomically designed zipper pulls; multiple storage options; and a rain cover. Manfrotto Pro backpacks, rollers and shoulder bags also have reinforced feet.

The Pro line is made up of the following bags: Roller Bag 70, $369.99; Roller Bag 50, $324.99; Backpack 20, $169.99; Backpack 30, $199.99; Backpack 50, $239.99; Shoulder Bag 10, $129.99; Shoulder Bag 20, $149.99; Shoulder Bag 30, $154.99; Shoulder Bag 50, $189.99; Holster Plus 20, $64.99; Holster Plus 30, $74.99; Holster Plus 40, $84.99; and Holster Plus 50, $89.99.