MindShift Gear Outdoor Bag Company Created by Think Tank Photo Founders

MindShift Gear Outdoor Bag Company Created by Think Tank Photo Founders


Santa Rosa, CA—A new camera bag company, MindShift Gear, was created by a group of committed professional photographers and product designers who support conservation and protection of our natural resources.

MindShift is dedicated to building carrying solutions for those who are passionate about experiencing the natural world. Its founding members include: Doug Murdoch, cofounder and lead designer of Think Thank Photo; Mike Sturm, cofounder of Think Tank Photo; Jerry Dodrill, award-winning adventure photographer; Daniel Beltrá, award-winning conservation photographer; and Brian Erwin, former Sierra Club staffer and Think Tank Photo’s marketing adviser.

The company’s slogan, “Engage with nature,” challenges people to not only become involved in outdoor activities, but to create a conversation about nature and our relationship to the environment. 

“Our customers will be the devoted community of outdoors people who use photography to tell important stories and chronicle real life adventures,” said Dodrill. “They are hikers, skiers and mountaineers, sports, nature and wildlife photographers, travelers and scientists who rely heavily on their equipment and are passionate about experiencing and preserving the natural heritage of our planet.

“Our designs are the result of extensive field work by our team of top conservation, nature and adventure photographers. With their input we strive to build the most innovative and functional products on the market, providing protection and accessibility to equipment in even the most intense conditions. As conscientious manufacturers it is our obligation to make products that are long lasting, repairable, and have the least impact on the planet.”

MindShift’s proprietary rotation180° technology targets outdoor professionals and enthusiasts who need quick access to gear. Their first product is the rotation180° professional, a photography backpack featuring an integrated waist pack that rotates out of the lower section to the front of the body, allowing full access to gear. 

“The problem with traditional backpacks is that you have to take them off of your back or swing them forward to access gear inside,” said Doug Murdoch. “Utilizing the rotation180° technology, the integrated waist pack rotates to the front of the body and offers rapid access to the contents without having to stop, take off the pack, sling it over one shoulder, or set it on the ground.” 

MindShift has a full slate of bags and accessories in development that feature innovative designs and high-quality materials. mindshiftgear.com