Mizco Celebrates 20 Years at CES

Mizco Celebrates 20 Years at CES


Mizco International celebrated its 20th anniversary at International CES earlier this month, and in the process introduced a new Travelocity-branded travel and trip accessories.

Mizco International said in December that it has been named an authorized Apple licensee. As a part of license, Mizco will now affix “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” labels to DigiPower products.

“The markets we serve demand and deserve innovation,” Albert Mizrahi, CEO of Mizco International, said in a statement. “For 20 years we have met the needs of our customers by developing and bringing to market the industry’s most complete line of high performance, full featured, affordably priced wireless mobile phone headsets and accessories, as well as power solutions for imaging products and iPhones, and gift accessories that enhance every type of mobile and imaging product.”

The company operates such brands as DigiPower, Cellular Innovations and iEssentials, as well as Travelocity.