New Lighting Techniques Book by Kubota Is Complemented with iPad/iPhone Lighting App

New Lighting Techniques Book by Kubota Is Complemented with iPad/iPhone Lighting App


Bend, OR—Kubota Image Tools, provider of creative imaging tools, workflow solutions and educational offerings for photographers of all levels, launched Kevin Kubota’s Lighting Notebook: 101 Lighting Styles and Setups for Digital Photographers (Wiley, ISBN: 978-1-1180-3510-8). To complement the guide, the Lighting Notebook app for iPad and iPhone will also be available through iTunes.

In Lighting Notebook, Kubota provides a step-by-step guide for photographers looking to craft, shape and control light, while the new stand-alone app offers a searchable database of techniques, “How Kevin Did It” videos and commentary from Kubota. The book and the app each offer 101 lighting designs covering a range of situations, strategies and desired moods.

“As a self-taught photographer, I’ve learned valuable lessons over more than 20 years in the photo business, but the most important lesson I’ve learned is how much I enjoy empowering other photographers,” said Kubota. “With the Lighting Notebook and app, I’m able to distill a career’s worth of lighting lessons into an easy-to-follow guide that is accessible to photographers of all levels”

The Lighting Notebook is written as a field guide for photographers looking to create lighting setups that can help them capture mood-evoking images, regardless of skill level, with techniques ranging from basic to complex and utilizing tools from household flashlights to portable speedlights and pro-grade mono lights. Each chapter describes a specific lighting setup and provides tips and tricks. Featuring images along with detailed descriptions of how each look was achieved, the guide includes lighting diagrams to demonstrate equipment positions. Along with the tutorials, Kubota also gives a detailed list of lighting equipment he used to create each of his signature looks and, more important, discusses why he chose each piece of equipment.

The associated iPad/iPhone app combines tutorials with videos and tips designed to easily reference a lighting setup on-site. With the app, users can filter the Lighting Notebook’s tutorials by location, subject characteristics, genre of photography and budget to generate a custom list of applicable techniques based on their parameters.

Available at bookstores nationwide, online retail outlets and at the Kubota Image Tools website (, the Lighting Notebook retails for $34.99. The Lighting Notebook app for iPad and iPhone will soon be available for download through iTunes.