Novoflex Zebra White Balance/Gray Cards from HP Marketing

Novoflex Zebra White Balance/Gray Cards from HP Marketing


Pine Brook, NJ—To help make the working life of a photographer easier, Novoflex announced its Zebra check cards for exposure metering and white balance. Of special note is the accuracy of the color of the Zebra cards, which the company says has been measured to be within 0.03 density between R, G and B and have no UV peaks.

The flexible cards, made from a special polymer, have an antireflection coating on both the white side and the gray side, and for prolonged service the Zebra cards are washable. The gray side serves as a reference area for exposure metering while the white side enables correct white balance so important in digital photography. When the camera takes a light reading of the check card to perform an exposure measurement or white balance, it is set optimally for the prevailing light conditions to guarantee the best exposure and color.

Novoflex Zebra cards are available from HP Marketing Corp. They are delivered in clear storage envelopes to keep them as clean as possible. They come in the following configurations: Zebra 9×6 inch, $27.99; Zebra XL, 12×8.3 inches, $34.99.