Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 Software Features Advanced Processing Engine

Phase One’s Capture One Pro 7 Software Features Advanced Processing Engine


Melville, NY—Phase One’s recently released Capture One Pro 7 digital imaging software is targeted at professional photographers who require “superior image quality, maximum workflow efficiency and the flexibility to work the way they want to work,” notes the company.

Capture One Pro 7 is a major release built on a new processing engine with professional tools developed to dramatically boost out-of-the-box image quality. More powerful digital asset management functionality, derived from years of technical expertise built into the Media Pro catalog system, was added to provide more options to select, search and organize image files. And the advanced tethering shooting solution now includes live view support for select DSLRs.

“Phase One engineers have unique advantages in developing image-processing software: their high-end digital hardware expertise, their enduring passion for perfection and their collaboration with some of the world’s best photographers,” said Linda K. Poulsen, director, Software Marketing, Phase One.

“Image quality is always our prime directive,” added Niels V. Knudsen, vice president, Innovation and Application Development, Phase One’s “Image Quality Professor.” “We are proud to introduce what we believe is the world’s best professional imaging software, and we wish to thank photographers around the globe for inspiring us to meet their needs for high quality images with a natural look and feel.”

Advancements in the Capture One raw processing engine are said to yield more accurate rendition of details and colors. While medium-format camera systems with Capture One Pro achieve the highest level results, DSLR users will see improved performance from their cameras, too. A new noise reduction algorithm was added to improve performance at even high ISO levels. And precision adjustment tools offer enhanced dynamic range for better details in shadows and highlights, to reveal fine structure, reduce the effect of haze, give images a more three-dimensional look and add local contrast and saturation to images.

Next to the familiar sessions approach, Capture One Pro users can now organize their image files via flexible catalogs. With more powerful digital asset management features as those found in Media Pro, they can work with multiple catalogs at the same time, share catalogs with other users, switch between catalogs without relaunching, tag images for later retrieval, and browse and adjust images when the original images files are offline.

Phase One Capture One Pro 7 is available now for Mac OS X and Windows with an SRP of $299. Owners of Capture One Pro 3/4/5/6 may upgrade for $99, while owners of Capture One Express may upgrade for $249.