Polaroid Kids Tablet Gets Upgrade with HD Display, Dual-Core Processor & Apps

Polaroid Kids Tablet Gets Upgrade with HD Display, Dual-Core Processor & Apps


Minneapolis, MN—Polaroid’s second-generation tablet specifically designed for children—the Polaroid Kids Tablet 2—features a 7.0-inch, capacitive 1,024×600 HD display, a dual-core processor and the Android 4.2 OS.

“Polaroid is bringing our 75-year tradition of instant sharing, fun and ease of use to a younger demographic with our Kids Tablet 2,” said Scott Hardy, Polaroid’s president and CEO “Children will now have the opportunity to experience an award-winning device similar in specs to their parents’ tablets, but designed specifically to their needs and preloaded with content they want from our new partners, Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network.”

The Polaroid Kids Tablet 2 integrates more than 70 popular books and apps (over $100 value) to keep children occupied for hours, as well as full versions of 25 top-rated books and apps from Disney, Marvel and Cartoon Network that feature some of the most beloved cartoon and comic book characters.

Additionally, the tablet 2 features new and updated apps that help children express their creative sides. The new front and rear cameras, along with the Kids Cam app, allow young users to take pictures and video with music and special effects using the tablet’s built-in filters. Kids can also make their own music with the tablet’s DJ Studio, which is preloaded with a library of different sounds and beats.

The tablet is equipped with side and rear bumpers to help protect it from accidental bumps, and its built-in parental controls and a safe web browser are easy to setup. Designed to provide a safe and interactive environment for children, it also gives them a real tablet experience. Also included is the exclusive App Shop, which is loaded with a variety of free and paid kid-friendly apps. Also featured are 8GB of storage and an SD card slot. $149. polaroid.com