proDAD ProDrenalin App Enhances Video Shot with GoPro and Other Action Cams

proDAD ProDrenalin App Enhances Video Shot with GoPro and Other Action Cams


San Francisco, CA—proDAD, a developer of digital video effects and image enhancement technologies for the video enthusiast and broadcast/professional market, is shipping ProDrenalin.

The all-in-one software is designed to allow GoPro and other action camera users to improve their videos by removing fisheye and perspective distortion, stabilizing, correcting rolling-shutter distortion, de-noising, color correcting and adjusting the brightness/contrast of the video.

The app supports batch processing and 4K and 2.7K video clips. ProDrenalin can also load sequences of still images (including 4K resolution and higher) and convert them to video and optimize them—a workflow improvement for those wanting to create supersize resolution movies with higher frame rates.

Key ProDrenalin features include the automatic removing of fisheye distortion and correction of perspective distortion from video or images by selecting the correct GoPro camera profile; rolling-shutter correction to improve the skew that sometimes happens during fast action panning; video clip trim-editing by dragging “beginning” and “end” markers; and the ability to remove random image sensor noise and sharpen the video with three quality options.

The software also provides simple color correction as well as brightness and contrast adjustment tools to give videos more of a film look. Users can also virtually adjust and rotate the video in case the camera was accidentally mounted upside-down or at the wrong angle. Plus, batch processing allows an unlimited number of clips to be loaded into ProDrenalin for optimization (with individual settings for each clip) instead of processing them one by one.

Side-by-side comparisons show the original and optimized video prior to rendering, and the videos can be exporting in popular industry standard formats.

ProDrenalin is available for $49.